Fallen For You

Fallen For You

A Poem by RED

A lyrical poem about falling for someone...

Love your lopsided smile 
Love the twinkle in your eyes 
Love how you laugh with such ease 
Love the way you cross your ts 

And when you run your hands through your hair 
It drives me crazy 
You can't steal my heart like that, its a crime 
Babe, I've fallen for you big time 

Just looking at you leaves me breathless 
Talking to you renders me speechless 
My heart beat speeds up every time you walk by 
Baby, why oh why did you play the love card on me? 
Its a crime 
I've fallen for you big time 

I know you like me too 
But certainly not as much as I do 
I am checking you out during class 
How long is this crush gonna last? 
Babe, the way the sunlight plays with your hair is divine 
I've fallen for you big time 

There are so many things i wanna talk to you about 
But the words just get caught up in my mouth 
Standing close to you, breathing the same air as you do 
It muddles up my thoughts 
I get so nervous, my stomach gets tied up in knots 
You are the fire works that make my whole world shine 
Babe, I have fallen for you big time 

How do I make you see 
The effect that you have on me? 
Just hearing your voice makes my day 
Baby, Cupid's finally got his way 
Oh how i wish you were mine 
The way you make me feels a crime 
I have fallen for you big time, babe 
Fallen for you big time 

© 2010 RED

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It's the magic of love, the things it is able to do, and the feeling it may bring to someone. I can feel the happiness and passion you derive from that love and what you really feel for that person. It is really intense, and the words you use really define such a pure love.
Well written.

Posted 13 Years Ago

'Oh how i wish you were mine
The way you make me feels a crime
I have fallen for you big time, babe
Fallen for you big time '
I love this lines most, or should I say, I love EVERY LINES! You are so talented!
Nice written!

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on December 24, 2010
Last Updated on December 25, 2010
Tags: teen, love, romance, falling, song, lyrical, random, poem



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