In the mouth of injustice
Cavities from minorities
Remain in tact
As it is a fact
That Novocain
Is only used to numb
The pain of the elite
As their teeth
Rarely chip or get weak
Their insurance gives
Them the assurance
That their teeth stay clean
And pristine
While cavities and decay
Happen to those who
Can't afford to pay
Yellow stains remain
As plaque remains
On the teeth of Blacks
As no crowns can be found
As the royal treatment is meant
For everyone?
Yet, many dentist have found
Ways to circumvent this
As they are quick to dismiss
And deny equal access
As the abscess of the poor
And disenfranchised
Teeth does not meet the criteria
As Blacks are viewed as inferior
Still, fillings remain unfilled
As the ADA has very little
To say about this
As their dentist allow
Gingivitis, halitosis and 
Other gum diseases
To remain untreated for
As cavities fester and rot
As root canals fail to be
As the teeth of Blacks remain
Although laws have been enacted
To ensure equal access
As the abscesses of the poor
They continue to ignore
As pus pours out from
Impacted teeth
As wisdom teeth offer
No suggestions on how
To fight the infection or
How to get relief in
Getting equal treatment
That fixes the teeth
Of minorities
That are rotting in the
Mouths of injustice and
As the ADA still has
Nothing to say
Allowing the teeth
Of  minorities
To decay and slowly
Rot away