The First Move

The First Move

A Story by RileyMC

A young teenage girl crush, what else is there to say?

Him with his blonde tossled hair and icey blue eyes. We're walking hand in hand on a beautiful beach letting the warm sand creep through our toes. He looks at me and gives me one of those breathe-taking smiles, teeth so shiny they could blind human eyes. He says my name and leans his gorgeous head near mine, lips centimeters away from eachother. Then I just begin to feel is warm breathe against mine, when ofcourse my imagination has to have it's limits.

The bell rings and my brain snaps back to reality. Class has started and everyone is in there seats except for... Him. Where is he? Why is he late? Maybe he's-
My thoughts are stopped when I hear his voice at the door. He apologizes for being late and heads toward the desk next to mine. My heartbeats come in quicker and quicker. He takes a glance at me and gives a little grin, and I instantly feel my cheeks burn. I calm myself down, I've been preparing for this. Time to make my first move. Using the best acting ability I had, I casually pushed my pencil off the desk near his. When he picked it up, a satifyed smirk grew on my lips, but I quickly smothered it. When he handed me my pencil, I looked into his flaming blue eyes knowing I could look at those eyes forever, wishing so bad to just touch his cheek, and maybe even feel his li-

My heart jumped when the bell rang. Then I saw him gracefully walk out of class with the rest of the kids. I slumped in my seat and gave out a long sigh with a small grin on my face. Maybe tomorrow I will 'accidentaly' bumb into him in the hall...

© 2012 RileyMC

Author's Note

Ignor grammar problems, I posted this really quickly. Also this is just a first draft and the idea just popped into my head. I'd really appreciate comments or suggestions, anything really. Thanks!

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Added on July 10, 2010
Last Updated on March 2, 2012
Tags: Teenage, crush, boys



Honolulu, HI

My name is Riley. I love the performing arts such as dancing, theater, ect. I'm just starting my freshmen year and I'm ready for a whole new world of experiences. I've always wanted to be a writer/dir.. more..