A Poem by SJ Mullins

Lady takes matters into her own hands when she tires of her husband's cheating.

The thunder rolls in the distance
Clouds block out the stars and moon
Rain beats wildy against the windows
The night seems ominous and lonely
She's always been drawn to storms
Sitting by the picture window
watching the fury of the storm
the rage inside her intensifies
Usually the storms console her,
however, tonight it is not the case
He called, and said he's working late
This has happened again and again
The story of working late not plausible
she pretends to be sound asleep
When he staggers in around 3 AM
he throws his dirty clothes in the hamper
After fixing himself a brandy,
he turns on the shower and steps in
Quiet as a mouse, she goes to the hamper
The unmistakable smell of perfume
permeates his shirt, it's not her scent
She takes a look at his underwear
finding fresh semen stains
Her wrath becomes unstoppable
She was prepared for him this time
Undressing, she slips into the shower
Pleasantly surprised, he pulls her in his arms
"Hey baby, I thought you were sleeping."
"I was, but I woke up when I heard the shower."
"I'm glad you decided to join me."
Kissing her passionately, squeezing her breasts,
he requests to make love to her in the shower
"Not tonight, Darlin'.  I have a special surprise. 
You work so hard to give me a great life, 
having worked so much overtime lately,
I just want to give something back to you."
They dry off, she pulls him by the hand to the sofa, 
where she blindfolds him and hands him his Brandy.
"Sip your brandy, my love, as I prepare your surprise."
What he didn't know was the surprise was in the brandy.
He slumped over on the sofa, lifeless.
The thunder rolls in the distance.


© 2017 SJ Mullins

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Added on May 11, 2017
Last Updated on May 11, 2017
Tags: thunder, night, ominous, rage, shower, perfume, wrath, surprise, blindfolds, lifeless


SJ Mullins
SJ Mullins


I love writing poetry, short stories, and am currently working on two books. I am a good "girl" with a bit of a naughty side, a wife, mother, and grandmother (surprise!). I am bipolar, and have also .. more..


A Poem by SJ Mullins