Somewhere Quiet - MelloxNear - Death Note fanfic

Somewhere Quiet - MelloxNear - Death Note fanfic

A Story by Rokatsu

this is an old fic I wrote enjoy


TITLE: Somewhere Quiet

AUTHOR: Rose Ryuzaki

DEVIANTART: TheLoneRestlessRose

CHARACTERS: Mello, Near ( Both from Death Note and do not belong to me )

RATING: Everyone, very cute/fluffy, unless they don't support yaoi or homosexuality.

PAIRING: MelloxNear

x Enjoy x

Mello had finally finished catching up on his homework and studying for the day, so now he had nothing else to do. Bored, he decided to go to the library and to take out a book to read. When he arrived he picked out a random book from the closest shelf, and sat down onto a comfortable armchair, then began to read. It was called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. If it involved chocolate, it must be interesting. There was only one problem: he couldn't concentrate because the girls sitting at a table nearby were giggling and talking loudly. The librarian had seemingly gone missing.

He sighed in frustration, loud enough for the girls to hear, and kept trying to read. The girls glared at him and went back to chattering, his non-verbal warning ignored. He clenched his teeth and closed the book loudly, the sound echoing throughout the room. No one ever messed with Mello and got away with it. For now, he let it go- but he would get his revenge later. He just wanted to read his book in peace. Ignoring the rude girls, he checked his book out from memory of watching the librarian do so (he was a genius afterall), and then left the library.

He decided to try the common room since it was usually empty at this time of day. Bad idea, because there was a bunch of toddlers fooling around with the piano, playing it ridiculously off key. It sounded like a cat died or something. He groaned in frustration, not even bothering to tell the boys to stop, and just left to go to his room; which he shared with his best friend Matt. "Perfect," He thought as he fell onto his bed, "Matt is quiet most of the time and not as annoying as those stupid girls." That is, until the gamer finished his homework and started to play Nintendo with the volume at full blast.

Mello finally exploded. "MATT!! Can't you see I am trying to read?! I can't concentrate with you playing that s**t!!" He shouted at his friend. The redhead sighed and turned down the volume a bit. Mello still couldn't concentrate, as the slightest noise diverted his attention. He glared at the redhead. Feeling the blondes glare burning holes into the back of his head, Matt paused his game and glanced over at him. "I need the music to concentrate on my game, just as you need silence to concentrate on your book. Why don't you go outside or to Near's room? I'm sure snowflake would be more then happy to have a guest." The gamer suggested playfully with a grin. Mello scowled at the mention of his albino rival and opted for going outside since he didn't feel like bitching at Matt for suggesting such an outrageous thing. "Tch. Whatever. Later goggles." He mumbled coldly, getting up off of his bed and starting towards the door. "Later Mells~!" Matt sang all too eagerly, turning the volume up all the way again. Mello smirked and rolled his eyes. "Typical Matt and his games." He thought as he left the room.

Once he was outside he found a nice shady spot under a big oak tree and sat down, finally being able to read in peace. It was a nice and sunnt day, and no one was close enough to annoy him except for a few boys playing football- or so he thought. Before he could comprehend the boys warnings, a football smashed right into his face, the impact making tears come to his eyes. "I'm so sorry! Are you okay?!" One of them asked in concern. If looks could kill, that poor boy would be long since deceased. The boy flinched at this, and his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as Mello took the ball into his hands and squeezed it so tightly that it popped like a balloon. The boy burst into tears and ran off, frightened by him. "Hmpf. Deserves him right. CAN'T I FIND SOMEWHERE QUIET AND READ THIS DAMNED BOOK IN PEACE?!?" He yelled, storming back into the orphanage.

He decided- though he hated the idea -to go to Near's room as a last resort. If this failed, he would probably end up hating reading for the rest of his life. He barged into his rivals room without warning and closed the door behind him, then sat down and tried to read. "Hello Mello." Near greeted in his usual monotonous voice. Mello just nodded in response, not looking up at him. There was a long silence, which would've been perfect if he didn't feel the younger boy staring at him.

Mello sighed and looked up with a glare, annoyed. "What." He stated. The albino smiled gingerly and adverted his eyes, twirling a lock of ashen around his finger. "I was wondering why Mello came to my room just to read." He replied calmly, not effected by the blondes glare. "Every where I go it seems I either get injured from psycho football players or noisy delinquents don't know how to shut their mouths so I can't concentrate. Don't get me wrong, Near, I'm not here because I want to be. It was Matt's idea." He answered. Near smirked, amused by this, but tried to hide it. Luckily Mello didn't notice. "I see... I don't mind then. Mello can come here any time he needs somewhere quiet." The albino told him, looking up at him with honest eyes. Mello blushed despite himself and looked away to hide it. "This is a one-time thing, Near. Don't get used to it." He mumbled. "Right." Near agreed, then went back to playing with his blank puzzle which he was playing before Mello bursted in. Mello went back to reading, and for once there was a calm and content silence between the two. No fighting or rivalry for once... it was nice.

Finally, he had found somewhere quiet, and within a few hours or so he managed to finish the book. It was quite interesting and amusing, he even chuckled a few times, which caused Near to look up and watch him for a few moments, before continuing. He was always curious about Mello, as he was never predictable. The opposite of Near himself. They were truly like yin and yang.

Closing his book, Mello stood and left without a word. Near watched as the blonde left, a secret smile on his face that the blonde had failed to notice. It was supposed to be a one time thing, but Mello found himself returning to the albino's room quite often. Sometimes to read, study, or to just think about whatever bothered him in life and to cool down. His rival never questioned it, asked about it, or complained to him, which he liked. It was as if he enjoyed Mello's visits. The thought made him blush and his heart race. Could Near feel that way for him? Well... he had grown to like visiting Near himself... there was no doubt about it. Though he'd never admit it to the albino, his pride could never allow it. He looked over at Near. Maybe if they weren't rivals... maybe if Near wasn't number one and they weren't raised to compete against each other... maybe if he wasn't in the way of his dream to become number one, then maybe they could've been friends or more.

He got up and went over to him. "Near..." He started, looking down at him without hate or a glare for once. The albino looked up curiously at him. "Yes, Mello?" He asked, wondering why the blonde was acting so strange and looking at him with... fondness? His heart skipped a beat as Mello leaned down and kissed his cheek. "Thank you." He whispered softly with a smile. Near's emotionless mask fell, his eyes going wide and a dark blush spreading all over his cheeks. It was adorable. He reached up to touch his cheek with his fingertips, looking like those nerds in the movies who just got their first kiss by a hot chick.

Mello laughed at his reaction, happy to bring emotion out of Near and playfully ruffled his hair as he left. He had finally found somewhere quiet, and possibly even his first love.


© 2015 Rokatsu

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Added on June 2, 2015
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