Remembering Yesterday

Remembering Yesterday

A Poem by RoyRogers

Regrets of the past

The shadows of my past will haunt me forever 
The people I care for that are no longer here 
Those who betrayed me, those who pretended to care 
Now none of them are any-longer here 
I knew this was the right path but I live with regret 
I knew the friendship just had to end 
It simple take one stone to expose the flaws 
It simple takes one person to ruin it all 
As I said a broken clock is not really broken till someone knows 
Till you point it out and until it is exposed 
You see though this and this is the biggest regret 
We could have continued to live in blissful ignorance 
My inaction let the flaws become exposed 
The flaws even I did not see and came out and showed 
When a deceitful witch walks into the garden 
You see who your friends are and who are the real monsters 
I was living with monsters it seems for longer than I thought 
But nothing before had made us fight 
The end did come and still I regret 
All those people 
I might hate or they hate me 
but that I shall never forget 

© 2015 RoyRogers

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Added on June 12, 2015
Last Updated on June 12, 2015
Tags: past, regret, people, leaving, moving on, future, misery, remembering, sadness, interactions



So hi I picked the name RoyRogers since its a street and its a beverage and they both start with R. I will write more later about stuff. VIOLA A blank, my lord. She never told her love, But let.. more..