A Stage Play by SHAMARTRE'

A three day Hospital stay, turns into 7months with J. having many tests, & Sharing His Christian Ministry, with Employee's & Visitors, the only thing J. could not control was L❤VING R❤SIE

SHAMARTRE’ presents:
a GreenEyes P❤etSt❤ry
The Cast
Kristy-----------------------Progressive Care Unit (PCU)
B. Stan-Marlee----------❤rderly/Technician
Dr. Th❤mas---------------Vascular Care Unit (VCU)
Dr. Varanian-------------Vascular Care Unit (VCU)
Chastity-------------------Vascular Care Unit (VCU)
Barb------------------------Vascular Care Unit (VCU)
Shirley---------------------Vascular Care Unit (VCU)
Pat--------------------------Pr❤gressive Care Unit (PCU)
Vimalie---------------------Progressive Care Unit (PCU)
R❤xie-----------------------Mail Clerk
R❤ckie---------------------Mail Clerk
R❤SIE-----------------------Mail Clerk      
GreenEyes:[ It was 7am Monday mornin’. Breakfast was being served by the Dietician’s, at SINRICO DR’S HOSPITAL. When suddenly!,...Master J. heard a loud, booming man’s voice; calling, in the hall.... 
GreenEyes:[Master J.; spranged; up, with his hands, losing his legs, bumping his head, on the edge of his bed.... 
Vimalie:“Sheeeee....Turn your voice down a little bit Rockie, before you wake the patients, OK.”
Rockie: “SORRY!”....SORRY!....”
Vimalie: “A little lower.”
Rockie: “sorry!...I have a DELIVERY...for you!”  
Pat: “Thank You, Rockie.”
Rockie: “ELEVATOR!.. PLEASE!”.. “NINTH  FLOOR! ..please!”
Kristy: “He’s always had trouble with his loudnes, ever since he came over from Romania. 
Vimalie: “I’m going to call down stairs and tell them; Rockie, needs to learn how to keep his volume down a little bit, like Roxie and what’s her name do.”
GreenEyes:[Master J.; sprung up, from his fall, reached over and clutched, the red button to call, Nurse Vimalie....Vimalie on my room speaker:“We herd you fall or something up here at the station, Mr. J..Kristy, Pat and B. Stan-Marlee are on their way!”
Pat:“Are You OK, Mr J.?”
B. Stan-Marlee:“Ya’gotta’ big knot- ton’ de’ head,.. mon’. Wa’ tappon’ Master Jaye’?”    J:“I..huh...huh..I heard a loud noise..huh...a bass-sounding voice...huh.... So, I spranged up with my hands...huh..., while losing my stand....huh...went  down my weak  legs...huh... bumping my head...huh..., on the edge of my bed.”    
B. Stan-Marlee: “That loud ROCKAYE!..if  Deye’ all  don’  staye’ outta’ me wheel-chairs  waye’... One daye’... we gon’ hav’... big bang.”
B. Stan-Marlee: “ Watta-ya’ tink’ Kristaye’?... Master Jaye’, he no talk good.”
Kristy: “ Tell Vimalie, to call Dr. T.  and Dr. V., to come up here.”
Pat: “Mr. J.! I’m going to have the Dr’s to check this bump out. Are you hurting anywhere else?”
J: “...No...Jus..getting...sleep...py. What....day is.. it.. Kristy?”
Kristy: “Today is Monday, Mr. J.”....“Stay with him Pat  and B...  and don’t let him fall asleep!”
B. Stan-Marlee: “Now- ya’ staye’ n’ dis’ bed, Master Jaye’. N’  don’- chya’ go  ta’ sleep needa’... jus laye’ n’ wai’ - fa’ de Dr’s  ta’ com’.”
Dr. Thomas: “Hey buddy... Kristy told me what happened.”
Dr. Varanian: “Where are you, Mr. James?”
J: “Hospital,.. Um...HOMERI...?..No...umm...DEN...RI..?..No...ummm...BEN...RI..? 
Dr. Thomas: “Mr. James,..Who are Diana, Jamarr, Tre’, Sade’ Jaden and Gabriella? 
J: “A famous singer...A famous producer...A famous actor...A famous actress..and two famous hip-hop entertainers.”
Pat: “He told me last night that his pet cat, his seven fat squirrels and his eleven little sparrows; he feeds, in his back yard, came up on the roof out-side his  window to visit him yesterday.”
Vimalie:“He’s been talking a little bit crazy since he was admitted on Saturday, but I took it as joking, Pat...And he was pretty funny to.”
Pat: “ Yea, he says they all need to go on a diet...Especially GreenEyes and the three fat  squirrels.”
J: “GreenEyes, wants  me; to help him write, another  poet-story, but I don’t know what he’s talking about.” 
Dr. Thomas: “GreenEyes... the cat, helps you write Poet-Stories Mr. James.”
Dr. Varanian:“Did he bump his head yesterday  to?...
Kristy: “Concussion?”
Dr. Varanian: “Mild.”
Dr. Thomas: “Maybe.”...                       
Dr. Varanian: “Mr. James...You’re at SINRICO DR’S HOSPITAL....You’re being treated for chest pains...And cats can’t write or  talk.”
J:“Only to me...All animals talk to me.” 
Dr. Thomas: “You have tests  today for your heart at eleven o’clock.  But first we need an x-ray today, to make sure nothings  damaged your brain Mr. James.”
B.Stan-Marlee: “Good’- ting’ him wit’- us, Dr. V.”
Dr. Thomas: “Kristy, give him  these three pills and a shot of this in his IV... Nothing to eat or drink after twelve midnight...And reschedule his heart tests tomorrow for eleven o’clock...And call his Psychiatrist ASAP.”                              
Dr. Varinian: “B., take him down for an x-ray ASAP. We’ll have to hold off the other test until tomorrow.”
Dr. Varinian: “Vimalie, call Mr J’s wife and let her know what happened.” 
GreenEyes:[After Stan-Marlee took Master J. down for his x-ray. He brought him back to his room, so Master J. could get some sleep, for his heart tests tomorrow. ..Master J. woke at 7am the next day; to hear, the most beautiful voice, he had ever  herd in his life; and it was not, his sweet wife...                                           {ACT 2} DOES ROSIE HAVE A BOYFRIEND?       
Rosie: “Excuse Me please, coming through. I have a delivery for you.”                
GreenEyes: [Master J., spranged up with his hands. Losing his legs. Missing his head. On the edge of his bed. Bruising his shin. Bumping his chin. Sticking his pen, in his wide right eye.  Was blind as a bat; but he crawled to the hall, pulled  him-self up, leaned him-self  back, held to the rail wall... Master J. stood  there, as quiet as he could, on his weak hurting legs..There she was; standing there, at the Nurse’s station. Delivering medicine and mail.  With those pretty green eyes. That spiritually and physically toned body. She glanced over at him. She and Master J., shined each other, a long gleaming smile. Master J.; didn’t even care, for she was bald, with no hair. With a quick...shy, turn-away, with their eyes. And to Master J’s  surprise. Here comes nurse Kristy, strolling down the back Ile. He hid in a corner to shortened his smile. He tried to be quiet, just for a while....Crawling through the hallway, my Master J. penetrated, while on his hurting  weak shin. He crawled in his room, where Nurse Kristy waited...
Kristy: “Mr. J....Why are you crawling on the floor? Did you fall again? What happened to your chin? And why is there blood in your right eye? No- no -no.... don’t answer me... B. is ready to wheel you down anyway... We saw you looking at our Rosie.”
J: “Does Rosie have a boyfriend?”
GreenEyes: [Kristy and Stan-Marlee looked  at one another as she whispered  in Stan-Marlee’s left ear... And they gave my Master J. a look. You know... like the... ‘We think your krazy’,.. look....  But Master J.;  didn’t care, about no one, but himself, AND...
J: “Does Rosie have a boyfriend’?...
B. Stan-Marlee: “No Kristaye’... Rockaye’ likes Roxaye’  wit’ da’ prettae’ blue eyes.”
B. Stan-Marlee: “ But Kristaye’; Rockaye’, no’ wan’ no one talkn’ ta’ needa’ one a’ dem’...He stores feelns’ a’ jealousaye’ is inside he.”
Rosie: “Excuse me please, coming through.” 
Kristy: “Good afternoon, RO-SIE!”
Rosie: “I have a delivery for you.”
J.: “HI, ROSIE...  I like you...Yu..yu. You gotta boyfriend?”
B. Stan-Marlee: “Me gon’ tel’ de’ wife on ya’ Master Jaye’. Me con’ see da’ bond’ on ya’ hond’, mon’.”
J.: “You going to tell my wh.?...”                                   
B. Stan-Marleee: “...Gi-’ toutta’ me way Rosaye’....”
J.: “Don’t  talk like that to my Rosie, Stan-Marlee.”... Just say excuse me.”        
B. Stan-Marlee: “ Com’ on n.’.... Mr. LOUD  mouth.. mon’.
Rockie: “LOWER... level... PLEASE!”                        
B. Stan-Marlee: “ Aw right Master  J....., Me gonna’ park  ya’ righ’ chere’... N’ don’ cha’ get toutta’ dis’ chair  until deye’ com’ git-cha’....." 
B. StannEleveeen’ o’clock..., time fa’ me lunch.”...
Chastity: “Wale up,...Mr. James. B. Fl...”
J: “That’s what everyone here is calling m...”
Barb: “...Bring him in here Chastity, we’re  ready.”
Chewing gum - Shirley: “O.K., Mr. James...can you climb on the bed or do I have to pick you up myself?”.... 
Chewing gum - Shirley: “The drug we are putting in your IV is to help us  take better pictures of your heart.... You’re gonna like this better that that machine you went in...I guarantee it... cause’ I had some five years ago my self.”
Dr. Varanian:“Hello there  Mr. James , How are you feeling now?...You're MRI shows You are having TIA's or Mini Strokes of which We can treat with Medication but You have to be careful Mr. James You are working into having a Major Stroke or Heart Attack, OK!...How is that bump on the head.?... They had to put a patch over that eye..huh?...Hold  your arm down just a little bit Mr. James so the medicine can work in.”
J:“Much better than yesterday, Dr. Varanian...Just can’t walk that good now...  fell again and bruised my left shin...And my pen, got stuck in my eye...
Mini Strokes Huh?”
Dr. Varanian: “Don't worry about that, You'll be fine...WOW! That eye looks bad....”
Chewing gum - Shirley: “It’s  going in Chas’...”
Dr. Varanian: “I’ll see you soon Mr. James... Good luck!...We’ll know the results with all your tests tomorrow.”
J:: “O.K. Dr. Varinian..., thank you...bye!”
Chastity: “Mr. James, you’re going to feel pretty weird, maybe some tightness in your face and body for five minutes or more, once the drug enters your veins.”
J:: “Yeah, that’s  what Shirley told me.”
Chewing gum - Shirley: “Yeah, tell him the truth Barb.” 
Barb: “A LEGAL - BINDING - HOLINESS - HIGHNESS - FEELING drug!...Which we can’t touch, unless you have serious heart problems and a Vascular Dr’s order to administer it!” 
J: “Whaaaaaat!....I’m feeling it nooooow... And It feeeeeels gooood”
Chewing gum - Shirley: “Well Baaaarby I think He liiiiikes it! We got another one today...Girls “
Chastity: “I bet everybody tells you, you have some pretty green eyes Mr. James.”
J: “Yea thanks, but one pretty green eye for now...I hope miiiine is aaaas  pretty aaaaas  yourrrrrs and RRRRRosie’s”
Chastity: “Why Thank you, Mr. J! Mine is brown and hazel.... Rosie,  who is Rosie?”
 J: “A ... beeeeeautiful frieeeeeeend... I... meeeeet upstairs, whoooooo works  in the maaaail rooooom.”
Chewing gum - Shirley:"He's on cloud nine"  
Chastity: “Are you talking about Rosie the Ro...”
GreenEyes:[Suddenly, Barb covered Chastity’s mouth, so no words would come out.”
Barb: “You’re talking about Rosie, the Romanian girl?...”                                     
J: “She’s from Roomania?... Isn’t that in Ruuussia?                                
Chastity: “Yes, it’s three Romanians, delivering mail and medicine,  from the mail room and pharmacy.
Barb:“Rockie, Roxie and Rosie.... They came to work  here a year ago.”
J: “Soooooo thaaaaat’s whyyyyy they  speeeeak very little English... Their Russian?”
Chastity: “I believe that’s Romanian.”
Rosie: “Excuse me please, I have a delivery for you.”
Chewing gum - Shirley:“Good afternoon.... RO--SIE.”
J: “Wow!, isn’t she lovely.....”
J: “Caaaan- you- under-stand- English- Rosie?... I- would- like- to -take- you- out -on- a- date...I’m- I- to- late?... Do- you- have- a- boyfriend?”
Rosie: “Good bye!”...
J: “I’m gonna  have to learn some Russian?...or is it...Romanian?, or I’ll just teach her some more English.”
Barb: “Sounds like the drug is wearing off now!”
Chewing gum - Shirley: “The way he’s talking about loving Rosie,... He thinks he’s’s still on Planet Venus...If you know what I mean... The poor man needs to; go up-stairs,  get in his spaceship, lie down... and then, he’ll come back-down to earth.....”
Chewing gum - Shirley: “Mr. James, how would you like for lovely Rosie to take you back  upstairs?”
Barb: “What are going to do Shirl?’...Hitch them together or something... Mr James is Married with children.”
Chewing gum - Shirley: “Yes I am...I’m  going to hook em’ up together!”
Rosie: “Elevator please!”
J: “Oh my God,... go catch her...Let me out of  this  wheel-chair...” 
Chastity:“ROSIE,  please come back, roll Mr. James  up-stairs  with you.”
Chewing gum - Shirley: “Dawn it, she got on the elevator.”
B. Stan-Marlee: “Gi’ toutta’ me way Roxaye’
Rosie: “Eighth floor please!”
Chewing gum - Shirley: “B., can you take Mr. James back upstairs... He’s over there sitting in his wheel- ch...” 
Chastity:“Where did he go..?”  
Roxie: “Eighth floor please.”

GreenEyes: [Master James, had  hopped out of his chair, from the drug he was high, his legs felt so light, like floating on air. To late to catch the elevator, it had stopped on floor eight.. He was feeling so great and was feeling no pain, so he ran up the stairs. As he ran up those flights, to catch his sweetie pie. When all of a sudden, he went tumbling down fast, he thought he would die!.....Master J., woke up the next day, in his hospital room. Looking at the white cemented casts on his arms and his legs. When out in the hall, he heard a beautiful voice call.......
Rosie: “Excuse me please,....Excuse me please!.....EXCUSE ME PLEASE!” 
GreenEyes:[Master James, heard some loud banging and clanging. He tried to sprang up with his hands, tried moving his legs, bumping his head, on the top edge of his bed. He opened his mouth, to let out a shout.... 
B. Stan-Marlee: “Mornin’, Master Jaye’.”  
J: “What have you done, Stan- Marlee?”...And what was all that banging and clanging about.
B. Stan-Marlee: “Notting’ fa’ ya’ to worraye’ about Master J....mon’... It being all taking care of,  by de’ professionaaals’... Jus’ ya’ laye’ dowwwn and git’ sum’ rest....Fa’ yu’ will  be wit-us, long time...N’ ya con’t’ go no wher’ now...neetta’.....”
J: “Hey!.. .....Stan-Marlee......What  the HEC are those ugly looking hazel things in your left hand... And what are those pretty little green things  you holding in your right hand?”
B. Stan-Marlee: Dese’ ugly hazzael’ tings  n’ me left hond’... belong- s ta’ Roc-kaye’... And dese’ pretty litta’ green-eyed’ tings,’ dat’ I hold n’ me right- hond’ ...belongs  ta’ Lovely Ro-saye’.”
B. Stan-Marlee: “Jus’ like humptee’ dump-taye’ me mon’... Deye’ always re-programa’ dem’ robots....  N’ DEYE’ PUD-EM’ BAAK’ TOGETTA’ AGON’,
J: “Where is my Lovely LadyDi?...and...WHO IS Lovely ROSIE??...”
                                                            The end                                           written by 
JB 'GreenEyEs' Floyd Jr.



Author's Note

I James B Floyd Jr. {aka GreenEyEs & SHAMARTRE'} would like to ThankYou All for Supporting My Poetry and PoetStory Writings. I try to be a Perfectionist but no one is Perfect only God. I am Human and I make mistakes. I welcome Praise as Well as Criticism..I sometimes loose focus on the Creator when I am Writing. Critique it will make Me Concentrate and more aware and Professional at what God has Blessed Me to do.

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