Beyond definitions

Beyond definitions

A Poem by Saakshi

Written for a poetry contest -- Dark is Beautiful.


I remember my grandma once tell
As my face fell
During a summer holiday
When we cousins were in play
‘This one alone is a bit dull.'

'Dull?' my child's mind thought
Only later I knew what it was really about.

Some years later
When I grew out of boy cuts and trousers
I would hear from those nosy aunts with a constant frown
How one should keep it down
When picking clothes and things
'For most suit only the fair skinned.’

Once I came of age
And could see the mental cage
That individuals were caught in
In the name of religion, morality, and sin
When I began questioning
The masks, lies, and conditioning
That were fed to all of us
I saw why humanity is in such a mess.

And out with the ‘can and cannots’ and ‘should and should-nots’
Went the ‘what-you-are and what-you-are-nots’.

As I began discovering myself
Beyond definitions
Equally on all sides, with no sense
Of fear or inhibition
When I began this journey of 'who am I?'
In Spirit
I reconnected back with my body
For it is one with It.

As I read ancient texts and entered
The path of Wisdom, Silence, and Truth
Life soon revealed to me the language I always knew
Of Beauty, Joy, and Love, for which there is no substitute.

As I enter the inner journey
I celebrate the outer, in the forms that are many.

For a woman is as much her body
As she is her Soul.
Once I discovered this wholesome identity
I felt a glow.

That cannot be quite placed
As within or without.
And soon my friends noticed it too
And I feel it in all things I do.

I never care for the rules anymore
The big ones or the small, they are just a bore.

And I play with clothes and colours
As freely as I do with Life
Knowing what is best for me
What used to be are no more a strife.

Consolation is only for the weak
What I want, I seek.

I threw out the lies
And dug into my Truth.

And what I found
Has no bounds.

I need no thought or concept to believe
Unless you know, all these just deceive.

Today, I simply look at the mirror
And know, dark is beautiful
And I smile, feeling blessed
With Her secret girdle.

© 2013 Saakshi

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Added on February 22, 2013
Last Updated on February 22, 2013
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