The Mind's Struggle

The Mind's Struggle

A Story by SamSim27

What is a writer to do when their ally becomes their enemy?

The true pain of a writer comes in the form of mental block .. not just temporary block, but what feels like an eternal block. Not a block brought on by being busy, or being tired or even from pain... a block that derives from a complete lack of creative juices. The pen touches the paper but no ink stains the pages, fingers touch the keyboard but cramp plagues the extremities, ideas pop into the mind but leave before they can be secured or sometimes even realised.
The pen is an extension of a writers arm, but it has become like a dead arm to me... I know it's there, I can feel it is there, I can touch it but cannot use it. No matter how many times I pick it up and let its nib kiss the pages of my notebook, nothing happens.. it's as though the pen has run out of ink, but the fault is not with the pen. The fault is with the mind controlling the pen.
When the only release of a lifetime of pain comes in the form of words on a page - like blood on the battlefield - it is indescribable the pain that follows when the pen can no longer free the tormented soul within.
So what is a writer to do, when they can no longer write the pain away?

© 2018 SamSim27

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Author's Note

I've been gone a while... words have been agonisingly escaping me...

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Added on April 28, 2018
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London, United Kingdom

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A Story by SamSim27