My life enjoy it while u can!!

My life enjoy it while u can!!

A Story by **~Sam_Sam~**

all about it

Chapter 1

    Well to start off my name is Sarah, and Im writing this to inform people what my life was actually like! DAY 1, Just last night i was at the hospital getting a cat scan for my head!!! the reason why is because, my sister accidentally kicked me in the head about 3 times.... it wasn't her fault i just wasn't standing in the right spot at the right time. well so i have a really bad concussion the doctor says which means i cant cheer, and i may not even be able to cheer for competition, which i cried about all last night, i mean its my last year in 8th grade and not being able to do competition and doing all the hard i have done it doesn't seem fair.

    Did you know you can get a concussion and still not know it?? you don't even have to be knocked out!!! its scary but i have my friends to help me through it, plus its only for 4 weeks anyways. Right now Im in homeroom writing because its easier to write about my life then to do homework and have to think. Just to let you know my new favorite song is “according to you” by Orianthi, its an awesome song look it up!!! And the only thing i can think of right now is jared he's the only person who made me smile this-morning, he just makes me happy, being the person he is!!!! Although were not dating right now he knows i like him........btw there's a movie night friday and Im totally going whether they like it or not. I mean i understand if they don't let me go to the dance, cause there's a lot of jumping involved but i would go either way cause i might slow dance with jared, were talking about jared miller btw!!!  You know life is so cruel i want to cheer but if i do then my head wont get better then i never will be able to. Well life sucks i know but well i will write later maybe more about jared!!! hahahaahaha yeah probably.... so peace g2g byes!!  

Chapter 2
    Day 3, sorry it took me so long to get back!! wow so much has happened, dont you wish you were there just so you wouldnt have to read this?? yaaa, anyways movie night was awesome!!! i mean he actually sat by me, but it was funny cuz like when he was sitting by me you could smell him, so i said he smelled good then he kept thinking i was trying to smell him every time i leaned in to talk to him!! hahahaha ok so then after the movie he gave me a hug!!!! YAY, but ya then we got home and he txted kaitlyn saying he was starting to like me. But then something terrible happened last night, ok like i wanted to talk to him so i called him and he awnsered and hung up, so then i txted him and told him, i was gonna leave a voicemail but you awnsered and then hung up, and he goes YA I KNOW, exactly like that, i asked him if he was mad at me and he whent YA, so i said “why : ( “
and well he just said nvm, p.s that means never mind. so well then we were txting eachother till we had to go to bed, and then i was like do i still get my hug tmrw? and he said if you want one and im like ya but then kate had my phone so she said kate wants one to! and so he was like how bad? when i got my phone back i was like “idk shes my sister i could care less i just want my hug!” ya so well its today and im supposed to be getting my hug dont know when yet hope its soon! OMFG he has a basketball game i may see him, makes me happy!! never asked him out cuz well meka likes him to, plus kiley likes him to, but she was the one that broke up with him which i dont get at all but ok. But ya i just hope he likes me enough to date me cuz i really wanna ask him out, problem is he is still is getting over kiley but the thing is kiley still likes him, its so screwed up, but hey this is the life of a everyday teenager!! you cant do much about it!! well peace i gotta go will type later i promise byes!!!!!!.

Chapter 3
    Well im back!!! sorry i havent been on in a while it is now January 22nd, 2010. And well i think Jared likes me!!!! we talked on the phone for like an hour last night, abd after paractice yesterday we kinda hung out b4 his game he is fast man.... he plays basketball hes awesome at it. well nothin really happened other than i may have a worse concussion than b4!!! which means i might not do compitition. And well i said to Jared that i would makeout with him if i could cuz he sent me one of those things, saying 1. cute, 2. take to the movies....... you know so on, well i chose make out. well lifes goin great today cuz we dont have mrs. Dixon we have Mr. A and Mr. A is awesome!!!! altho he looks like santa. well i didnt do my homework but i have activity b4 the classes so hey i will do it then. cheerings goin terrible we cant get the moves right vuz were bein over worked and i think some of us just wanna piss off the coach. Im finally wearing jewlery im wearing a pretty rainbow butterfly necklace. i would have worn earings but i couldnt find a pair i liked. well im sorry but i gotta go to art class so peace i may write when i get home k? or in IA most definetly IA k byessss!!!!!!

Chapter 4
    Heys its me again and its febuary 4th, 2010. Well you have no idea how much has happened its crazy!! okay well stueber may have like broken her ankle. And Emilys on a chrisis cuz she was datin her dream man but then he dumped her for someone else. SUCKISH. but ummm well mirandas not datin adam anymore they thought they were gonna be together for ever but it seems not. and yes im still hung up on him!!! jared miller, i dont get him,,, u know u think u know someone and u actually do!! but ik that i have to get over him cause well im not the only one that likes him, plus i have alreadt told him that i love him and he hasnt said anything bout liking me so..... im stuck in a hole, and its pretty deep. okay well we were talkin on the phone for like an hour okay?? and well i told him why my life sucked and all and he asked me what would make it better b4 we got off the phone i said idk i will tell u tmrw.... well it wasnt even 5 minutes when i called him again and left a voicemail, saying “you.. you would make my life better. you make me smile everyday and ya so im gonna get off now cuz my sisters laughing at me byes” and kate was like awwwwww. its true he does, but its just, he has never told me anything like that so......! umm well im not failing any classes so im good for now.... im sorry peoples but its time for lunch our schedules changed so... g2g peace!!!! byeeeesssssss!!!!!!

Chapter 5
    Well its the next day the 5th of february. i have no idea bout jared anymore i mean he makes smile more than anybody else does!! but there is one good part,, ( its a secret ) i get to wear his sweatshirt on monday i would have gotten it today but well he had IA and you need to have something covering your arms, so i get it monday!! AAAAAHH. hehe im gonna make it smell like girl!! this is gonna be funn! well umm my grades i think for today whent up instead of down!! haha for once!! i canr believe its friday its almost the weekend Emilys gonna be over all weekend!! I cant wait plus compititon on sunday, wow but also the next weekend we have our Birthday party who knows i think its gonna be awesome! we go swimming plus the guys we like are supposivley going so......who knows!! theres also going to be dancing so i get to free style!!
    hehe wow i guess today has been great altho it could go down just as quick cause i still have science, math, and practice if ambers there im going to scream my head off. i would quit but compititons on sunday and well i like it to much!! okay my new faborite song is “ Do you remember ” by Jay Sean. awesome song. UGGGH i cnt do anything with out him poping into my head its like your brain it really cnt leave your head or you wouldnt be living! i mean i think i even told him that i love him!! so idk anymore he still hasnt listened to that voicemail yet!! and he really should by the time he reads it, it will be to late and he will be dating some one else. So i have to choose my words very carefully! but i already know he likes toni! and possibly ashley!! but of course who doesnt like toni, or ashley, i think the greatest thing that could ever happen to me would be that toni whent to back to where she came from instead of messing with our lives!! She erks me so bad.....she wont get it through her thick skull that she cnat hit on every guy and then expect to date some one else!!
    same with courtney you have no idea how many or how bad it is with the boys with her!! its messed up she even tried to fricken choke herself who does that?? and it was at basketball game where every one could see and we could tell she just wanted attention from derrin, and we all know that derrin dont like her and then she tried to like kates man Jared Lightbody, and then shes depressed now cause she cant like Raymond Miller, or Jared he doesnt like to be called raymond cause its his dads name!! so shes all depressed cuz shes not aloud to, and im sorry but i think she can get over it!! UGH now im mad see venting myself doesnt help cause it just gets me mad at people!! altho it does feel kind of good to get that off my chest not gonna lie!!. well peace i g2g cause well art class we didnt have time to clean up our paintings so we have to go back in during activity period.. so peace gotta clean eewwwyyy i hate to clean but well byesss!!! chicka loco.. haha!!

© 2010 **~Sam_Sam~**

Author's Note

its a long story!!!!!

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hahahaha amber.... at least she wasnt ur coach all the time :) lucky... ps nice story!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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no where, ME

i like to write storys and im a good athlete. my grades arent the best there goin up more..