A Poem by Silveryne :)

With a broken and bruised heart, she sits alone.

I wonder if it is the same girl or her clone.

She sits alone, waiting for her ultimate doom,

All that can be seen in her eyes is emptiness and gloom.

Looks like she is shattered by all those broken dreams,

And there’s nothing left for her, that’s how it seems.

She dies little by little each day,

And little does she have any hope that she will be okay.

She feels trapped in those four walls that enclose her,

But most of all, in her own bodily enclosure.

She can’t stand her ugly self and her distress.

Neither can she stand the never-ending trouble and stress.

There was a time when she was truly happy and had a genuine smile,

But now happiness stays away from her at least for a mile.

And this was all just because,

She was forced to conceal all her feelings and all her flaws,

Conceal the tides of emotions rising within her,

And pretend to be normal and fake laughter.

Since then, all she has done is faking,

Faking a smile, even when she was breaking.

Sacrificing her originality and happiness for others,

And burying her true self, and eclipsing it with covers.

She has now, not just lost a part of her,

But the entire her.

I wish I could be there for her,

But she scares me,

Because she stares back at me,

Every time I stare at myself in the mirror.

© 2015 Silveryne :)

Author's Note

Silveryne :)
Hey there,
I write to vent all the problems I face...
So, I don't know the rules of writing a poem...

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For saying you don't know how to write a poem or at least don't know the rules, this is a great write. Its personal and yet so many people have been through this or through something very very similar. I like the way you penned this and the emotion within it. My only comment for improvement is to rewrite the last line of the first stanza. I'm saying this for two reasons, one it throws off the flow because it is so long and two it doesn't seem to fit the piece as well as some of the other lines do.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Silveryne :)

6 Years Ago

Thank you!!
I'll rewrite the first line.. :)

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Added on October 30, 2014
Last Updated on January 9, 2015
Tags: broken, poem, sad, depressed


Silveryne :)
Silveryne :)

Bangalore, India

I am just a Teenage Dirtbag... My pen name's Sammy Silveryne.. I love writing.. It is the only way by which I vent out everything that I suppress within me.. It makes me feel better... I love.. more..