The Wolves

The Wolves

A Story by Samantha Morrow

Having what you want doesn't always mean you have it all


The wolves howled around her, but they didn’t come any closer. They were waiting, waiting for night to fall, but while the sun was still in the sky they were hidden. The sky was mixes of orange and pink, the clouds illuminated the last rays of sunlight. The wolves howled through the trees as they called to each other. A breeze went by, pushing her locks behind her hair and tangling the golden curls together. Before, they had been perfectly settled on her shoulders, set there with perfectly small hands, and nails newly painted pink. Not an obtrusive pink, but soft and pale, just perfectly highlighting her skin tone. She spread her arms out at her sides like they had done as children, pretending to be able to fly. The ground started to shake, and the wolves gave yips of fright.


“Do you want to get some ice-cream?” Jessica asked, stretching out on a lawn chair.

Alice shrugged, “I guess we could. It’s getting hot out here anyways.” They swung out of their chairs and slipped on flip-flops. Alice peered into a mirror inside and put her stick straight hair up into a high ponytail. She smiled, her braces glinting in the light from the sun streaming in. She ran her tongue over them and frowned slightly as she met Jessica outside.

“You take so long. I mean, we’re only going down the street.” Jessica told her with a roll of her eyes. She put on her glasses and started walking, Alice trailing after her.

“You should get contacts or something; I mean it would show off your eyes better.” Alice commented, giving a light shrug.

Jessica gave a long sigh. “What, my plain brown eyes to match my plain brown hair? I guess I could, they’ve just always irritated me.”

Alice slipped her arm through Jessica’s and gave a shrug. “I don’t know, once I get these dumb braces off I’ll be able to get a ton more guys.”

Jessica laughed, “Yeah you’ll have, like, a guy a week or something knowing you!” They giggled together as they walked into the ice-cream shop. “I can’t believe we’ll be sophomores!” Jessica exclaimed as they entered.

“I know, it’s crazy, and think in three years…we’ll be going to college!” Alice’s eyes went behind the counter. She gave a small wink to the boy standing there, his shaggy brown hair hanging in his eyes. She sauntered up and ordered her ice-cream. His nametag read ‘Kevin’.

“Alice? Like following rabbits do you?” The boy asked, glancing at the name on her debit card.

Alice rolled her eyes and sighed as she took her ice-cream, “That joke is so old. I got over it in, like, second grade.”

The boy only gave her a shrug, looking shyer than before, and handed back her card. Despite what she said, Alice gave him a small wave as she and Jessica walked out. “He was cute,” Her friend commented.

Alice giggled and shrugged, “Yeah, but that hair! I mean, I do not think guys should have long hair. If he cut it he’d be way cuter!” They both giggled their way back, Jessica glancing once over her shoulder.


“Alice, are you okay?” The noises were deafening, people screaming at each other over the music. She could feel the bass from her toes to the top of her head. Neon lights flashed around them and a drink was pushed into her hand.

She turned to face the ever familiar green eyes of her boyfriend. “I’m alright!” She yelled over the music.

“Good, you were doing your space thing again!” Kevin shouted back at her. Alice just shrugged and laughed as he kissed her. They both emptied their cups and went back out to the dance floor. All around them were bodies she didn’t know, and smells she didn’t even want to think about. All the same, there was the familiar smell of Kevin’s cologne to keep her on her feet.

Alice closed her eyes and put her hands up, Kevin’s hands going down to her waist. Her hands rested on his shoulders and connected behind his neck. “So what was that kid’s name we met earlier?”

“Mason, he’s a cool guy!” Kevin told her over the music. “Not much of a kid, he’ll be a senior next year.”

“Right, hey do you think he’d be a good match for Jessica?” Alice yelled back, a thoughtful look on her face.

Kevin shrugged as the song ended, “You’re always trying to set her up, aren’t you?”

“It’s the only kind thing to do.” Alice replied with a smile. The next song started again, but Alice could barely tell the difference anyways. “Think you could get them two tickets to that concert?”

“You want to invite them to our three year anniversary?” Kevin asked her with a slight grin.

Alice gave him a light shrug, “It isn’t like it would be just the two of us anyways, right?” Kevin nodded and Alice grinned, leaning up to kiss him. “You’re the best!”

She closed her eyes then, feeling his touch on her and the sweat from the dancing. She listened to the loud music pumping through her veins and the saw lights flashing around them. Kevin pulled her closer and she felt his breath on her neck. “Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.” He was quiet so only she could hear their special words, and Alice smiled.


“Come on, Jessica, it’s just a concert! I mean you haven’t dated since freshman year! This is our last summer together.” Alice waved the tickets in the girls face with a large smile.

Jessica sighed and pulled one of the tickets, looking over them quietly. “I do like this band.” She muttered.

Alice laughed and leaned around the corner to check her hair in the mirror. “You wouldn’t go for the music, you’d go for Mason. He’s…sweet.” Alice shrugged at her description and gave a small twirl. “Hey do you like this dress? I’m thinking of wearing it Saturday, if you go of course.”

Alice looked back to her friend and Jessica sighed, handing her back the ticket. She hesitated a moment and then nodded, “Wear the white flats with it too.” Alice squealed and hugged Jessica, giving a little bounce as she looked at herself in the mirror. “How do you know this Mason kid, anyways?”

“Oh, I met him at one party or another. Apparently he’s a friend of Kev’s. Works at his ice cream shop or something, but he seems cool.” Alice flipped her hair and shed her dress to put her clothes back on. “Okay, I have to go see Kev.” She pulled Jessica into a hug and gave another squeal. “You won’t regret this I swear!”


“See, it isn’t that bright, it’s more of a pale pink polish than anything!” A voice snapped her out of her daydream; it was high and squeaky, and always preppy. “Alice, are you even listening to me?”

“Of course, Jessica, I always listen to you,” She replied simply. It was a lie. Her eyes darted to the mirror and she held up a hand. “Yes this will work; if it was any brighter it would go against my dress.”

Jessica giggled and fell back into a chair with a bottle of nail polish. “I think the curling iron is hot by now!”

Alice blew on her nails and rolled her eyes, “I can’t curl my hair with wet nails, Jessica.”

Jessica fluffed at her natural brown curls, they only hung to her shoulders unlike Alice’s hair, but Alice still got jealous of them. “Well of course you can’t, I knew that.” Despite her words she looked down and absently started painting her own nails. Her feet were propped up on the bed. Alice couldn’t see how though, the bed was covered in blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. She knew that at night though, Jessica just shoved them all to the floor anyway.

Alice just huffed and turned the mirror, swiping the mascara over her lashes with the hand that had dry nails. As the polish dried, she started to curl her hair, letting the perfect curls rest down her back. Jessica walked around her room, throwing clothes as she looked for her dress. Alice just rolled her eyes and slipped into her own. It was a pretty white thing, with a lace skirt and sleeves down to her elbows. Alice leaned against the wall as she waited, as always, for Jessica to get all of her things together. She pulled out her phone and unlocked it with fast fingers. It had beeped at her through the afternoon, but she’d ignored it until now.

Can’t wait 2 see that new dress!

U girls take 2 long!!!

We got a spot on the hill!

Hurry -K

Alice rolled her eyes at the messages and shoved her phone back into her purse. “Jess, are you coming or do I have to leave without you?” Jessica just gave her a wink and rushed out the door, leaving Alice to follow.

They closed the doors on Jessica’s Jetta and she turned up the pop music. “This concert had better be good!” She exclaimed, narrowly missing a branch in the road.

Alice just gave another long sigh, “We aren’t there for the concert. We’re there to hang out with the guys.”

Jessica just huffed at this, “But a blind date? I think I’d just rather listen to the music.” The two didn’t speak the rest of the drive.

The two girls trekked up the hill, but Jessica gave a squeak which caused Alice to sigh, “Hurry up!” She exclaimed as the girl ran back to the car. Jessica joined her again and Alice hurried up the hill in front of her.

Two boys stood at the top of the hill and one turned towards Alice with a big grin. Alice slipped off her flats and held them in one hand as she sprinted forward. The boy caught her waist and gave her a spin before setting her down and kissing her softly. Alice spotted Jessica fake-gagging when she pulled away. “Hey blue eyes,” The boy greeted, “You know I missed talking to you all day.”

Alice laughed and pushed his shoulder gently, “Jeez Kevin, it was girls day you know that!”

Kevin grinned back at her and ran a hand through his brown, spiked hair. “I still missed you.”

Alice rolled her eyes and pushed him again, “You’re so cheesy.” She turned to the other boy and had to admit he was cute. Tall, not as tall as Kev, but blonde and blue eyed like herself. “Oh, Jessica, this is Mason.”

Jessica gave him a small wave and clutched her bag tightly. The four stood awkwardly for a moment before Mason cleared his throat. “We set up a blanket under the tree. We should be able to hear the music well, even from back here.” Alice spotted Jessica’s face brighten and she relaxed slightly. Alice and Kevin sat against the tree, though Alice was sitting more against Kevin than anything. He would run his hands across her hair, careful to avoid her curls. She hated it when he messed up her hair, unless of course, they were alone.

Mason stood after a while, “I’m going to go get drinks. Does anyone wanna to come?”

When Jessica didn’t automatically reply, Alice pushed herself to her feet, “Sure I’ll go.” She gave the boy a smile as they made their way down the green hill. “How’s Jessica?” She asked as they lapsed into silence.

Mason smiled slightly, “Well she’s your best friend, so if I say anything wrong I could get shunned forever.” They both laughed and he shook his head, “I’m kidding, she’s…sweet.”

Alice raised her eyebrows at him, “…But?”

Mason sighed and glared at her, only making Alice shrug. “Okay, you caught me…but she’s just really shy. I bet if I tried to kiss her at the end of the night she’d turn into jelly.”

“She’s a bit of a saint, yeah.” Alice replied with a nod. They paused at the drink stand to listen to the music a bit closer. Alice knew they weren’t there for the music, but she still liked the band. The sun beat down on them, reminding her of the shade beneath the trees. Even so close to dusk it was still hot. Thankfully the sun was behind them as they looked out at the concert, but walking back up the hill the two were blind.

Alice stopped as they approached the tree and time stopped, she barely heard Mason mutter “S**t” beside her. The sun had been covered by the tree, its light still touching the ground around it though. Jessica and Kevin had parted already, but Alice had still seen them leap apart. Her hand tightened around her drink, tightening the can to the point where it began to fizzle. Her vision blurred, but she took a deep breath and started walking. She stopped before them and shoved the drink at Kevin. She didn’t wait for a response before she turned and walked the other way.

She kept calm, until he grabbed her arm. Alice spun and her palm connected with his face. She looked at the red mark appearing on his face and wrenched her arm away. “F**k you and your Wonderland.” Her voice was soft, barely audible, but she still saw the look of hurt on his face. Alice sprinted down the hill, her shoes left behind, and her dress flowing out behind her. Her vision was blurred and she could barely see as she stumbled forward. She heard a voice call after her, but she didn’t listen, and figured they had been stopped, as no one caught up to her. She ran through the parking lot and out to the dirt. Rocks cut at her bare feet, but she barely paid it any mind.


The ground was still shaking, a light starting to show. It almost blinded Alice as it came her way. She looked down at the tracks beneath her and out to the woods. The wolves had long gone, the fear of the great beast overpowering their will to protect their territory. Her heart was in her throat and she had the urge to jump. Each second the ground shook harder she wanted to leap out of the way. The wind pushed at her every which way now, her golden locks flying into her face.

The train was almost upon her now, and she closed her eyes. Tears still ran down her face and her fingernail polish was tripped. Her legs were scraped and her feet burned from the rocks she’d stepped on while running. Before she could decide whether to jump or stay, a great force hit her and she felt pain through her body until everything went black.


“Alice can you hear me, are you okay?” A voice was frantic and Alice let out a low groan, her head killing her. “Oh thank god, you’re okay.”

Alice sat up slowly as Mason sat back from her, “What happened?” She asked quietly.

He gave a sigh, “You almost got hit by a train. Alice I-” He cut off and sighed. “I followed you, I’m sorry I was just-” He cut off suddenly as Alice threw her arms around him. She buried her head in him and started sobbing. Her white dress was covered in dirt and mud, her hair in tangles. Mason hesitated, and then slowly put his arms around her as well. “Alice…” Mason cut off as she sobbed again.

“I don’t know why,” Alice told him in a chocked whisper. “I couldn’t stop myself. I wanted to move, but I just wanted Kevin to feel something.”

Mason was quiet for a moment and then pulled back, cupping her face in his hands. “I understand,” he told her softly. Alice’s eyes gained some light at his words and he tipped his head. “Do you want to go home?”

“No…” Alice whispered with a sigh, “I can’t go home yet.”

Mason nodded, “Well, how about some ice cream then? I know a great little place.” After a moment of hesitation, Alice nodded. Mason helped her stand and she swayed slightly on her feet. He steadied her and gave a nervous laugh, “Alright, maybe the hospital is a better idea.”

“Maybe it is,” Alice muttered as she glanced at her bare feet.

Mason held her steady and pulled her close to help her walk. He sighed and peered down at her. “Everything is going to be alright.” 

© 2015 Samantha Morrow

Author's Note

Samantha Morrow
This is a little something I dug up to add a bit more content.

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Kevin is a piece of crap. Oh Samantha, you know how to catch me and hold me there, relishing in the emotion of the story. Good job bb!

Posted 5 Years Ago

This was really good! A lot of your detail was absolutely wonderful in a lot of parts. I could totally picture how all the characters looked in the beginning! You also did a really good job at characterizing Alice's pain in the end. And though the detail was awesome in most parts, some were a little vague. Overall, I really enjoyed it!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Samantha Morrow

5 Years Ago

Awesome thanks! Which parts were vague, if you could point them out?
Katherine P. Haley

5 Years Ago

Just the part between the three year jump. I feel like how Alice ended up dating Kevin could use a b.. read more

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