Cats on the Wall are Witches

Cats on the Wall are Witches

A Poem by Samyuktha PC

Written for the Open Spaces Poetry Competition, musing on the theme 'Borders'.


Here, I was born, like you

From within a red cozy room

And so grew up grateful to walls.

I speak of this normal world,

Where auto rickshaws honk,

Plymouth cars are antique,

Water lorries carry air,

And you, I and everyone exist.

Time went, and walls seemed safer.

So, I started learning the religions.

God came. Goddess shivered.

Adam and Eve were born.

Buddha and Mahavira were living.

Men did not want to wear clothes.

Women could not eat apples.

But soon, cowls meant safety,

Jumping in the fire meant loyalty,

And even jungle crows were going extinct.

I’ve often thought, what if,

Adam stood erect and declared:

‘I don’t like vaginas. I want more penises.’

Would have God, with his mighty Holy breast,

Spread his Saviour wings to flight,

Saying: ‘Penises are for vaginas’?

Theologists failed me. I turned to Scientists,

Who said: ‘You are schizophrenic and urban.

We cannot tie you to trees or burn you on stakes.

Eat these medicines and become one of us.’

Feminists, Communists, Capitalists, Democrats,

Naturalists, Environmentalists, and Fanatics followed,

Asking: ‘Are you this or that?’

I do not and will not understand

Definitions, borders, and walls.

But, to transcend them and live,

I surely know the answer:

I should never be born a human.

© 2010 Samyuktha PC

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:-) freakin awesome. that's how i like to live my life....undefined, unconfined, free. :-) enjoyed this.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 10, 2010
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Samyuktha PC
Samyuktha PC

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