You & — I.

You & — I.

A Poem by Alexandria Reece

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Your eyes were lit with the same spark as mine,

A conflagration that whispers of planes unseen,

Of hours unspent, upended as candelabra saved,

In locked cabinets to impress an empress: obliged,

A flicker that wavers, though unceasingly shines,

Conscripts, configures, confines our captives: captivated,

By a lim'rick, a lead-in, a line [refined and refitted],

Subjected, submitted to realms which are hidden,

Unhinted, there tinted as Nubian night,

All covetous light: centering, censuring, churning,

Brimming as Ἥλιος --‘raptured, unbound,

Unscathed and unburdened, beshimmered, beloid,

Imperiled, though never destroyed, resplendent,

In that limitless wake: conquering, quiet & coy.

Ἥλιος (Helios) - Attic Greek | The markings before the eta are diacritical marks known as  breathings -- not quotation marks. Breathings were used in Ancient Greek to note pronunciation, the markings present note an acute smooth breathing.

Unhinted & Beshimmered: Not real words, just some bastardised versions of words. Wuddup Willy Shakes?

Coy - As in quiet and reserved; shy.” -- rather than coquettish.

© 2018 Alexandria Reece

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Added on July 13, 2018
Last Updated on July 13, 2018


Alexandria Reece
Alexandria Reece


A siren. A well-dweller. A hater of Theseus. I have been writing poetry since I was 12 years old and it has been a saving grace and my favourite escape. I am a mystery, wrapped in a shro.. more..