I am the writer

I am the writer

A Story by Sarra Amrou

A short story about an orphanage girl, whose only dream is to be a writer.


The nine o’clock in the night came to announce the time of the dinner in the girls’ orphanage. All the girls must be sitting in their seats in the dining room so that the workers distribute the meals to them, and if any one is late, she will be deprived of eating that night; The director of the orphanage began checking them all to find one of the seats was empty: Where is that girl?

_ Her friend wanted to respond, but another girl interrupted her: It is planted in front of her chair, of course, as usual, I mean...

The laughter of the others rose up around the place, so the director headed towards the room where Rahaf was sitting, and opened the door with a force that almost snatched her from her place: What are you doing, girl?

_ She quickly got up from her place, trying to hide her notebook behind her: Nothing, madam, I was going to come right away...

The director approached her little by little: What are you hiding behind your back?

_ Rahaf's face turned yellow and began to stammer: I, I am nothing, it is just ....

She took it by force and tried to tear it apart, Rahaf grabbed her by the arm with tears in her eyes: I'm sorry, I won't be late again I promise! But please don't tear it up...

The girls muttered at the door of the room to watch the play, which was fun for them, except for Reem, her friend, who had no choice but to watch silently as well....

_What are you going to do with it anyway, isn't it better for you to find a job to manage your affairs when you leave this place after a year than to be preoccupied with these trifles that mean nothing and will not benefit you in any way?

_ She gathered her strength and looked at her defiantly, for she had had enough of these insults which she heard every night: These are not trifles, and they are more useful to me than anything else; I'm going to be a writer someday, and you'll all see that.

There was silence for a while, then some mocking laughter broke out at her words: So, little girl, you will become a writer, right? ..... She tore her notebook in front of her eyes and continued her words..... We will see that, you are punished today and you will be left without eating Then She looked at Rima and no one will try to give her something.... She left the place to be followed by the rest of the girls.

She collapsed on her bed, after she was faking strength in front of the director, and her companion, who had not finished her meal either, sat next to her: Calm down, my dear, do not bother yourself any more.

_I'm tired! I swear I'm tired, why does she always do this? What does she gain by her heinous actions? This is the third notebook she has torn this month.... could she be right with her in your opinion? Am I dreaming in vain, Rima??

_ What's this? Of course she is wrong, do not let her demoralize you, you have to strive to achieve your dream and not give up, join the competition which is organized by our high school in partnership with the publishing house, and if you win, it will be a slap for all of them and she will be silenced forever.

There was silence for a while, then she smiled: Imagine their appearance when I win and get to the podium, that will be the strongest victory I can achieve.

Her friend agreed: Yes, it will be the final blow. Moreover, the competition can open many other doors for you, and I am sure that you will succeed, just trust your abilities.

She finally decided to listen to her heart and the words of her companion, mainly other writers in What are they better than her? She began to think where she could write without being seen, because they were going to take her to the director, who would not stop punishing her at once; Suddenly an idea came to her mind while she was waiting for everyone to sleep, so she went to the bathroom and wrote there, and she actually carried out her plan without caring about the frost in that place, and her companion with her guarding the door; They returned to the room at dawn after finishing writing.

A week has passed since she submitted the story to the school administration, and today is the promised day the results will be announced; Everyone is seated in the amphitheater where the party is being held, including the orphanage director who was invited because some of the girls who live in the orphanage study there. After the words of welcome were delivered to the audience, it was time to announce the results. The director of the high school received the microphone and began to deliver his speech: At first I would like to thank all the participants together, your writings were all at the level, so do not be sad and have better luck next time, God willing. As for the winner, there are two winners instead of one, their stories were more than wonderful and took us to another world, the two winners are the student Wael and the student Rahaf from the Hope orphanage. Everyone's applause came, except for the orphanage's people who froze in their places. Did that servile really win? When was the story originally written??.... Then the two winners climbed to the stage with a smile on their face. The director of the publishing house honored them and promised them to publish their first two books for free; The word happiness was not enough to describe the state of Rahaf, who finally achieved her victory. Finally she was able to silence those tongues, she has determined her path now and no one can stand in the way of her realizing her dream, she will become the best writer, God willing.

© 2021 Sarra Amrou

Author's Note

Sarra Amrou
What do you think about my short story as a beginner?

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"The word happiness was not enough to describe the state of Rahaf, who finally achieved her victory."

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I was really pulling for Rahaf to win and she did. Victorious indeed. She was adamant. determined and she believed in herself. I hope she gets out of that place and become famous. Enjoyed the story...

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

"do not let her demoralize you, you have to strive to achieve your dream and not give up, join the competition"

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Sarra Amrou
Sarra Amrou

Chlef, Algeria

Writing is my way to escape from this world, from problems, my fears..... i just find peace when writing and traveling through the words. more..