American Mythology

American Mythology

A Story by SauceC

Adam Francis, American Mythology  

 My persistent coughing wakes me up, from what I hoped to be a refreshing nap; but this is reality. The cold, damp, mahogany counter top doesn’t welcome the side of my face anymore. Slowly, with a groan I straighten my aching back, to see the bartender wiping a clean spot on the counter. Something they do in the movies, to pass the time I suppose. 

 “Still kicking?” He says with a smile, going back to the same spot. A blanket that wasn’t here before is giving me a bear hug. It feels nice. “I saw you shivering, and wasn’t gonna let you be the first person to die in here.”  

That begs the obvious question, “Where am I?” He fills up what I can guess is scotch and slides it to me, something else I thought they only do in the movies. 

 “This is my bar. Paulie Rufiani’s Poison Bartering.” He says turning his body to the neon white and blue sign. 

 That’s one problem solved. “How do I get out of here?” I ask finishing my glass, and tapping for another.  

“That’s more see we’re on the 21st floor of the Sauce Inc. building.” He waits for my reaction.  

“So, SCC drugged me with his potion huh?”  

He throws an ice cube at me, “No one can talk s**t about that little s**t but me! Anyway, don’t worry about the bill. Everything’s free.” I break off the hug and try to stand up ready to go back. 

“Another round Mr. Roofie!” A woman yells from across the bar. It’s my first time hearing that voice, but it somehow sounds familiar. 

 With surprising accuracy, he throws an ice cube at her forehead, “Stop calling me that!” He goes and start making the drinks. 

 “...lucky you didn’t die of alcohol poisoning yet.”  That caught my attention. That word at least, I feel some kind of connection to it for some reason.  

“Here bring this to them.” I struggle to carry five-pint glasses, filled to the brim of various alcohol. I’m...lucky I didn’t drop the drinks or fall over.   

“Oh hey, you’re finally awake.” The woman says to me, as I place the glasses to each person. They look weird but I’m from Quarter Way so I don’t think anything of it.  

 “Do I know you?” She laughs loudly, followed by the others at the table. “You don’t recogize your own mother?” I’m confused.  

“I think you have the wrong person.” I say trying to convince myself more than her. She drunk, even No-eyed Noah can see that. 

 With a sigh, she puts her hand on her chin. “Let’s see...Ace 21 Fortunate. You’re 20 years old, you’re dating Jackie Ino. What’ve won 3.1 million dollars playing Blackjack. Named the luckiest person alive. Need I continue?”  

I nod, “Yes. All you’ve done is googled me.”  

The man sitting next to her chimes in. He’s a well-dressed man, clean shaved, and a friendly thing about him. “This is your mother Ace. She’s Lady Luck...your birth parent.” My heart went as heavy as the tears falling from my face. 

“Now look what you did Opp.” She takes a sip of her drink. “Look kid, stop acting a kid.” 

 I listen to her and wipe my tears. “...but where have you been? Does this make me a demi-god? Who’s my father? Why did you give me to humans? What a-” My head is racing. Growing up I always felt like I was adopted 

 “Stop being rude!” She commands. “How are you gonna come here and ask questions you really need answers to, without your time getting wasted?” 

 I nod in agreement. At least I know where I get my sense of humor from. She stands up, staggering a little. Which makes me smile, but I wouldn’t dare show it. Lady mother. She has long brunette hair, shamrock green eyes, and a warm smile. She’s tall...6’3 I’m guessing. I got my height, and smile from her but that’s about it; I must take after my dad. 

Instead of coming to give me a hug, she puts me in a playful headlock. “These are my friends.” I’m starting to believe my memories has been erased, because all I feel is familiarity in this headlock. It’s a strange comfort. Something I craved and longed for like I lost it.  

I turn to the table and take a look at the others. “I’m the embodiment of opportunity, call me Opp or Jic as in Just in case.” 

 A vision ably old man, with a long white beard nods, “I’m Father Time.” He has a scythe resting on the wall behind him 

The woman beside him, is a sight to look at. Her crown of different color roses, her brown skin goes perfectly complementing her dress; which looks like a field of trees and sunflowers. “It’s not polite to stare sweetie. I’m Mother Nature.” 

 A last person is sound asleep on the bar table. She’s dressed in pajamas that look like the night sky. “That’s Cousin may know her by other names.” My mother says trying to throw an ice cube at her but misses. 

 Paulie throws one, hitting the back of her head, “Stop throwing stuff!” 

 “I’ll stop if you stop!?” She retorts back. The alcohol must have gotten to her, since her smile is uneven and usually big. At this point, the headlock is just me supporting her. She rests her head on me and I get a warm feeling; a feeling that almost moves me to tears. I don’t want this moment to end but she’s heavy.  

I help her sit back down. “Thank you honey.” I take a sit next to my mother 

really just met my mother along with other gods, just wow. But I’m from Quarter Way...I’m positive crazier things happened in the past few days 

“I thought Day&Nite Quill or Ski Mask the Slump God would be the god of rest.” I say trying to spark a conversation. They look drained, like they just got off of work. I reach for Cousin Sleep’s drink, but she grabs it. To my amazement, she starts sleep drinking and puts her head back down. 

 “It’s complicated really.” Mother nature explains, “Each family passes the role of what they embody. Your aunt for example is overseeing the world right now as your mother is...taking a break.”  

My mother nods, “Yea drunken luck gives people the wrong idea. Come visit some time and I’ll introduce you to your auntie- Ms.Fortune.” She says in a slur but the sincerity is there. Then it hits me.  

I stand up slamming my hands on the table, “Alight enough wasting my time, answer my questions!” They looked surprise at the sudden outburst 

Opp saw his opportunity and took it; “You son of a b***h...” A hard thing to do but that statement went over my mother’s head.  

“You don’t demand something from Gods, kid. Especially your own mother.” Cousin Sleep says in a stern tone. She opens her eyes and I’m taken back, they’re pitch black.  

“Yea Ace we have plenty of time.” Father time says trying to lighten the mood. 

 “Everyone calm down, he’s lost and just want us to help him.” They settle down at Mother Nature’s words. “When Gods decide to have a child...which is rare. We’re forced to give them up at a very young age. You’re one of the few Demi-Gods Ace.” 

 Thinking back on my life, I’ve never felt normal. That doesn’t explain why the familiar feeling is strong around my mom.  

“So, do I have any siblings?” I ask curiously. 

 She gives me another angry stare, “What do you take me as? Some kind of...shared woman?”  

At some point Cousin Sleep went back to sleep, and is laughing in her sleep.  “Look kid, you’re an only child. To answer another question, your father is Succ. The embodiment of Success.” She calls for another drink. 

 “How come I’m not a full God then?” I ask in confusion. 

 “You’re a 2nd generation god,” Cousin Sleep says. 

 “Any Godly powers are toned down for the children.” Opp adds on, going back to the card game. That brings a sense of exploration. I want to meet my dad now, what does the embodiment of success look like? 

After getting some time to sit and process things, I realize I’m in a coma. The last thing I remember is the Pinecone War and taking a hit. Which means, I don’t have much time before I wake up. I have to explore this building, see the other Gods including my dad, and of course learn about myself.   

“I’ll see you guys later.” I say leaving the table abruptly.  

Luck and skill never went together, so to bring up my father probably put her in a bad mood, I think as I notice how quiet she was.  As I walk out the bar, I see two people arguing. Their clothes made me assume it’s Mother Russia and Uncle Sam. I quickly go the other way. Inside the Sauce Inc. about a rare experience.  

© 2020 SauceC

Author's Note

Part of a larger series in the works.

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Added on July 6, 2020
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I'm an aspiring novelist and wanted to get my feet wet so I can improve my works of fiction. more..

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