A Story by Scrawl

A story that goes through the main character's school life and a little after. Note he does not have a good life at all, but is completely in love with one person.

     So here I am. It's true what they say, about how time flies. It's been about 20 years, since I left this town. Looking back, I know it was right. It was the only thing I could do, but yet it was the hardest thing I've ever done. They say "You can't go home again." and now I know why.
     I first met Mia as a kid. I know it sounds cheesy, but I met her on a play ground. I was in first grade and she was in kindergarten. From the start I knew she would be important to me. Little did I know how important.
     Second grade year little changed, besides the fact I got to see Mia more. At this point we were better friends. Towards the end of the year my home life started to get weird. Dad was always out, and when he did come home, late at night I could hear mom yelling at him. She called him names that at the time I didn't know what meant.
     Third grade year was worse. Even though my friendship with Mia grew; things at home got worse. About October Dad left one night and didn't come home. This effected me greatly. Mia could tell something had changed, but didn't ask. She had been born without a father, so she had her own emotional baggage. We never really talked about it much.
     Forth grade came before I knew it. My dad sent me a birthday card. On it he said "I'm sorry I left, son. Always remember I didn't leave you I left your mother. I wish you well in live, and hope you become a better man then I could ever be." Mia's life seemed worse. She found out her father was rich, knew exactly where she was, and didn't care. Her mom worked two jobs and still barely made ends meet. We told each other everything, now. She made me smile when I wanted to cry. I never understood those feelings.
     Fifth grade I made new friends, and became a World of Warcraft junkie. Still Mia was number one in my life. My mom had became and alcoholic. She was never sober, So I spent all the time I  could online or at Mia's. We'd spend hours just sitting on the swing talking. Most nights I even stayed for dinner, cooked by her aunt. Her aunt was the only person in her family that cared about her. Then one day we where sitting against the house, and she told me her mom was worse then mine with her alcoholism. She was scared, so I had my arms around her as she cried. Then without thinking I leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. When I pulled back she looked shocked, and I thought I had messed up. I realized I was wrong about that when she kissed me back with more force. That's all we did. We didn't become a couple or even talk about it. It was like it never even happened.
     Sixth grade I got my first girlfriend. The topical 12 year old relationship. I kissed her, and spent time with her, but it ended eventually. This was also the year that my father died. I barely knew the jackass, but it still depressed me. It seemed like Mia was all I had in life. I think this is wear my love for darkness began.
     Seventh grade I was numb from all emotion, but Mia was becoming a woman among other things, I started to notice breast forming. She was becoming a very beautiful woman. Even though puberty made her an emotional wreck, this is when I realized I loved her. That year my mom O.D.ed four times, She rarely talked to me, and was always passed out before I got home.
     Seventh grade was my turn for puberty though for me a changing voice was all I had to go through. The darkness seeped in, and I started wearing all black. Mia was no different. We dyed our hair black and kept to our selves mostly.
     Eight grade was awful. Mia's mom died, an when I tried to talk to her about it she shut me out. Her aunt was now he guardian, so at least she had somebody there who cared for her. We went back to not talking about our home lives, so our friendship suffered. Finally around Christmas her aunt got her to talk to me. Turns out she was in such a deep state of depression she thought I was better off without her. Luckily, she talked to me when she did; she had been considering suicide.
     Ninth grade I went to high school. It was hard to adjust to life without her in the same school. I got a girlfriend and she got a boyfriend; both of which were serious relationships. We still hung out, but only as friend. I never let my true feelings for her show.
     Tenth grade she came to the high school, for her ninth grade year. One day we were sitting out on the old swing out behind her house and somehow our hands found there way to each other. We were just sitting there talking, but it started to rain. "Come on lets go in." I said. "why?" she asked.  She got up and looked up, closed her eyes, but out her arm and slowly began to spin. "The rain is so peaceful!" she told me. "Yes, but it's September. The rain is cold and you'll get sick." I declared responsibly. "Don't be such a fuddy-duddy" She said laughing. She ran over to me and jumped into my arms. Then she surprised me by kissing me with great force. I t was the longest and best kiss I had ever had. I fell to the ground with her on top of me. Finally all the world fell into place. If I had died right there, I would have been happy. Then she said something every man loves to hear a woman say. She said "Take me, right now!" At first I was unsure as to what I heard so I replied "W....what?" She whispered into my ear "You heard me!" "Mia you have a boyfriend." She got up on her knees over my "growing problem" so to speak, shrugged her shoulders and said "So, want me to call and break up with him real fast." The rain continued to soak us, and it was making her harder to resist. "Mia, what's gotten into you?" I asked. "Nothing, but I'm hoping you will." She said in a pouting voice. I looked at her with an eyebrow raised, and finally  she was serious "Nothing, I'm just really horny and have wanted this ever since my aunt gave me 'the talk'." "Why did you never tell me?" I asked. "Because," she said "the only time you ever showed any interest is when you kissed me when we were kids. I thought I had messed up by kissing you back. I love you." I put my hands on her hips and guided her back to laying on top of me. I kissed her softly and said "I love you too, but having sex with you now would be like seeing a rose on the side of the road and stomping it into the ground." "Stomp away" she said in a flirtatious voice. "I will, but not now." I said then kissed her again. We broke up with who we were both dating and became a couple. They weren't mad or surprised. The rest of the year went by fast. I loved Mia more then ever and I finally knew she felt the same.
     Eleventh grade fate decided to mess with me. I was finally happy with Mia, but then my mother died. It seemed my life was split in two, I was happy with Mia, but with everything else I wanted to die. Towards the end of the school year we finally made love. Her aunt knew, but was fine with it. She knew I loved Mia with all my heart and soul.
     In twelfth grade I proposed She said yes, of course. We loved each other more then anything, but this town was full of pain. I had to leave, and she didn't understand. At graduation she told me if I left we were done. I couldn't stay, so I left. No matter how much I loved Mia I could not stay.
     College was hell without her, so on Mia's graduation I followed her home. She walked down a dark alley. "You shouldn't be out here. There are creepers out there, you know. You could get killed." I said. She turned around, and looked me in the eyes. "Not like you would care!" she yelled. "You know how much I love you." I said. " I thought I did!" I could see the pain in her eyes. "Come with me. I can love you forever!" So she did
     We eventually had a daughter, and a decent life together. Three month ago Mia died. Now her I am, at the hose were she grew up. It's were we had our first kiss, were she first said she loved me, and were we first made love. I don't know if I can live without her, but I must try.


© 2010 Scrawl

Author's Note

I called it September because it was inspired by the song by Daughtry. Please review!

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Added on October 30, 2010
Last Updated on October 30, 2010
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