A Poem by TheScreamingSadist


    The snicker-snap of broken bones,
    pounding that hides behind your eyes and throat:
    the knowledge that there is no escape,
    not from this.
    The creeping up your back,
    down your legs,
    isn't just a figment.
    There is no running,
    No looking up
    or back.
    You know what you'll see
    and that terrifies you far more
    than actually seeing it. 
    What, now?
    You're scared?
    Of course you're scared.

    There's nothing here 
    but fear and terror
    and everything that goes bump in the night.

    This land isn't a land.
    It's a churning, milling,
    torn-up pile of screams and agony,
    festering within itself,
    producing the most solidified aspects
    of human fear that has ever been given breath.
    Or hasn't. 
    They'll eat you dead.
    They'll eat you alive.
    They don't care if your heart is beating.
    As long as you're afraid. 
    The second you step foot in their territory,
    you are fair game, 
    and they won't let you leave
    with your limbs in tact.

    And at the head of it all,
    sitting on his spire
    with all of terror at his feet,
    is the creature that runs it all:
    the black-cloakedimpervious figure
    that embodies everything
    you've ever been afraid of.
    He'll never lure you into his land.
    He doesn't need to.
    Sooner or later, your fears and guilt
    will catch up to you, 
    and you'll get snared in his clutches.
    How long? Long enough.
    Everything here is just long enough
    to leave you broken and breathless.
    In pieces on the floor.

    You come to realize it was all a dream. 
    But it doesn't feel like just a dream.
    It will haunt you
    until your mind gives you
    the sweet bliss of forgetfulness.
    This isn't just another dream.
    This place, its lord,
    the ravenous, teeth-bearing fear
    that prowls from one end of this kingdom
    to the other...

    This is fear,
    pure and simple.
    This is Nightmare

© 2010 TheScreamingSadist

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Added on June 4, 2010
Last Updated on August 8, 2010



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