One last wish

One last wish

A Screenplay by Mr. Gentleman

Struggle of an American Army officer who is in captivity of a Syrian terrorist group. This story is a motivation that we should never let any situation, any circumstances to overwhelm us.

This story starts with a grisly situation, two American soliders are in captivity of a terrorist group of Syria. They were captured during an ambush attack by that terror group on an American military convoy.
They have killed one of those two soldiers " Sergeant David Cambron" , and now the terrorists are going to kill the other soldier who is blind folded. They open his face cover, this soldier is "Captain John Milliet" .

Captain John has been handing and leading the military missions in southern Syria, that's why he's a renowned personality.
The terrorists after knowing that this person is an American military incharge leading the southern command who is having all the information of America's southern military missions skip his slaughtering.

Captain John is at a camp of that terror group where he see a few other captives ( Civilians who had been absconded ). Among them he also see a girl who is having bruises on her face and fear in her eyes.

Now the torturous interrogation starts, "What's the planning of American military in south! " (in Arabic) "Where they're going to attack from" ( Captain John is not just brave, he is also a master of smart talks and in dealing with critical situations calmly and he understands Arabic language and can speak it a bit too ) he replies (in Arabic) "I have all the information that you require and that can keep you and your terror bases safe, and am willing to help you with that".

The terror group has taken the responsibility of the attack on the American military covoy and that the American army Captain John is in their captivity. American government is very furious after this attack and American military posts have declared red alert and the American helicopters are doing search operations in aggressive mode with American fighter jets ready to strike.

American President has given a statement in bold words "America want safe return of the Captain "

Terror group is in a condition of dilemma and apprehension. They can't decide whether they should release Captain to prevent fury of American military or they should keep the Captain as a hostage to have an option of safety.
USA's military actions has been increased in the region. USA Air Force has started conducting air strikes in some specific locations to put pressure on the terror group.

It's been one week

Now the focus of the terror group has been diverted from Captain John, as now they're more concerned about the rapid American military actions and air strikes.
Captain Milliet is been seated in a filthy place with his hands and legs fastened in ropes where those terrorists visit to interrogate him time to time.

Captain Milliet is sitting alone at that place as the terrorists have gone out. The girl whom he saw among the captives come to the place for cleaning purpose.
"What's your name" (in English) then the same again "What's your name" (in Arabic) Captain Milliet asks the girl. The girl doesn't reply, she seems frightened.
"I can save you if you're in trouble, am an American officer and my people will soon come to take me from here" and I can save you too, Trust me he says both in English and then in Arabic. The girl turns and look at him and says "Mehshah" my name (in English).

Why you are here ? , Did they kidnap you ? Captain asks (in English). She doesn't reply.
Captain repeats the same (in Arabic). The girl reply "my town that is near Idlib was despoiled by this terror group in which my family was killed, and they absconded me".

The Captain asks "When?' both in English and Arabic
The girl reply "4 months ago"

The Captain asks her some details about the place and it's location. And after getting information about the details he needed about the location and what all she knows, he tells her to leave and to behave normally (in Arabic).
With the information he collected about the location from the girl he calculate the 'longitude and latitude' of that location and create a rough idea.

A few terrorists have returned with anger and anxiety on their faces.
One terrorist hit the head of the Captain. And shouts "You'll get this sorted out, tell your people to back off immediately" (in Arabic). The other terrorist stops him and say "Easy, take it easy he's a cooperative person and he had told us the same" (in Arabic).
Captain look at the terrorists and say "Yeh, yes absolutely"
Captain look at the terrorists and says - " Am ready to cooperative, infact I genuinely wants to help you for the cause you're fighting for. You're fighting for your freedom, and I know and understand about the attrocities that had made you people to get into this campaign" (in Arabic),
"And I know that you people just want other nations to stay out of your domestic matters, as your decade long fight is just for your rights " (in Arabic),
"And I personally suggest you, why don't you put the condition for them to leave your country for my safe release" (in Arabic).

Captain open his arms towards them and says - "hold my hands my friends, am ready to help you, am ready to convey your message to them"

A terrorist ( most probably the lead ) reply " Vallah it is good that you understand the cause we're fighting for, and we have no personal enmity with you friend, it's all just the sacred cause" (in English),
and we wish for your safe release soon (in English).

Captain look at them with a smily face and see that now they're more looking like humans and says - "So where's the camera, let's make the video" (in Arabic),
"And tell me what all I should say and in what way i should convey the message" (in Arabic).

Terrorist ( most probably the lead ) says - "Vallah he's the lion of America, go do the preparations we'll make it today" (in Arabic).

Video shooting starts, Captain has been instructed what and how he has to convey the message and Captain is prepared with a belike script but with some invisible editing.
Captain convey the same message but with the use of complicated vocabularies and large words in which he has secretly added his own messages. Which includes the 'longitude and latitude' of the location and about his position and surroundings at that place. Terror video is ready

Terrorist ( most probably the lead ) watching it again and again and again. Captain sitting calmly and looking at the terrorists with a little smile.

Terrorist ( most probably the lead ) says - "Vallah Vallah I hope this will help you in your safe release my friend" (in Arabic)

Other terrorists "Yes, yes hopefully hopefully" (in Arabic)

Captain says - "So it's done, you can fasten in ropes me again" (in English)

Terrorist ( most probably the lead ) replies "No no we don't need to, neither you'll try to run nor you'll be able to do so" (in English) then laugh loudly, other terrorists laugh too and consecutively then Captain Milliet too

The video has been released by the terror group. The American military and intelligence has started deciphering the words of Captain Milliet and has deciphered it easily as Captain Milliet made it so smoothly but smartly.

Now American military has started planning a successful and safe strike at that terror base. That has two missions one "safe release of the Captain" and second "to destroy that terror base completely in a very precised manner" .

Then there is a gun fight between the American military and those terrorists. When the American military do that heavy surgical strike. Captain Milliet seems like an action hero in the story but he just remain hidden inside a ground hole that he is using as a bunker and that girl too

And the American military was victories without any loss in that surgical strike.

After that Captain Milliet , that girl , some other victims whom American military rescued during the operation returned back safely. Captain Milliet after a few weeks has been taken back into the service of US military with special honor and he has been promoted to the rank of "Major". But Major Milliet wouldn't serve in Syria anymore, he has been transferred back to the US military headquarter. Before joining the US military headquarter (Washington DC) Major helped the girl who had been staying in some UN shelter home since she was rescued, she is now working as a temporary cook at the United Nations peace keeping mission's regional base.

Then its the story of Peace keeper Sam Sammunel and Cook Mehshah (the girl who was one of those victims)

© 2020 Mr. Gentleman

Author's Note

Mr. Gentleman
It's just experimental that's why I haven't completed this story, but I would love to get the views for all the admirable readers ;)

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