A Poem by Shadow

Looking through the glass

Somewhere I haven't been

A new adventure tonight

between sunlight and mist

I am no longer in

the shadows of hell

A seeker is sought

to place me right

bring me the sunshine

leave the darkness behind

Those skeletons that clatter

let them fall to

the room let them



A dagger aimed to

the heart that is

mine alone not for

you to own


Who can not feel!

Let the color of

Hate flow through you!Right into the palm of my hand!

I will throw those words back at you...


You shake like you are about to cry

I know all your flaws

Your weaknesses are mine

So go back to where you are from

Stop invading my head

Cease the yelling

Let it end

No one wants you around

Not he...

Not she...

Not I.


Put you to rest

Into the coffin of my head

Let you lay there for no one to see

No one will be at your funeral

No one will be at your wake

You say I have turned into the monster

You are wrong...

I wanted your heart

And you...

You just wanted me dead...


So now I lay you down to sleep

A group of souls at your feet

I hope you die before you wake

So that I no longer hate...

© 2014 Shadow

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Added on February 27, 2014
Last Updated on February 27, 2014