How are we still behind?

How are we still behind?

A Story by Shriya

Its quite funny to see how technology is rapidly advancing but my family’s mindset is still in 18th century.

I had to take incentive to do something about it. I want to be known for what I am and not to be considered any less than boys. Only when one person takes initiative that’s when people can become open minded.

Let’s start from the incident I recently experienced. I had to go to my dad’s village for church jubilee
celebration and I happened to encounter some of my paternal relatives and as usual I got comments
on how I resemble my father .It was going fine until a lady goes about saying,” it’s nice that you look like your dad but wish you were a boy”. That moment definitely caught up my attention and got me thinking deeply. In future,I want her to regret what she said and appreciate.

I would also like to contradict a fact that how my family thinks if a girl’s education is completed while
they are surrounded by girls, they would be more safe and secure later after 15 years they expect us
to marry a man and stay with him for whole life. How about a job where girls: boys’ ratio is 5:11.
How do you expect us to cope up with mixed people when half of our lives are spent between girls.

Parents are right about their own insecurities about their children. But at the same time children should be given freedom to experience everything to decide what is right and what is wrong. Only when they get to deal problems, face them only then they will learn. Its important to socialize with everyone around us instead of restricting ourselves to our kind.

Some questions which can never be changed is rape just goes worser day by day, year by
year. This is not because of the way we dress or the way we behave, it is because of the men’s vulgar mentality and lack of understanding hormonal imbalances . We cannot safely work and walk alone
with friends at night it’s all because of them. When will the world make this a better place for women?

How dare they forget where they came from. Who brought them into this world, Who taught them
how to walk, sisters who teased and played with their brothers and the girl besties who were always
them for them sharing beautiful memories. How do they even have these cheap minds of disrespecting them? Why don’t they look at it as if they do anything to them, it ultimately comes on either sister, mother or friend of theirs. The feeling on guiltiness has to be in their minds every time they are about to commit a mistake because even they too are humans.

Men who use women for their internal pleasures, as a housekeeper, looking down on them are nothing but mere foolish people. The world must change and so their thoughts. Wake up, arise and look at where the world is heading. Women are definitely leading in every field you go you will find them.
How great are they should I say powerful super rangers who manage their household work along
with the family and their work or perhaps only household. Hats off to them. The change begins from oneself and then spread it. Start giving equal importance and receive the same.
“I would like to change their perspectives and narrow minds into a positive and open-minded thinking one day and shine as the first highly educated, ambitious and a tough woman in my family.”

© 2020 Shriya

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Ignore sentence continuation.

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Added on February 19, 2020
Last Updated on February 19, 2020
Tags: Power, women, male dominated society



Mumbai, Thane , India

I am a introvert studying engineering. I am new here but I would like to share my experiences and my writings here . Hope you guys like it . To learn and share knowledge more..