We're Seven Years Old Again..

We're Seven Years Old Again..

A Poem by Sienna

Let us take a look back on our childhood..

We're seven years old again,
When it wasn't such a danger to live in pretend.
When running with scissors was the greatest crime.
When nothing more than an ice cream cone, was on the line.
When the only broken thing, was Mom's favorite vase.
When, if we made a mistake, all we had to do was erase.
When we ate dinner as a family, all four of us.
When Mom and Dad were the only ones in love.
When my brother and I fought, over petty little things.
When it was such a miracle, to see a butterfly flap its wings.
When we weren't afraid to be wrong,
When we listened to the radio, and sang along.
When the skies were blue, the moon was bright.
When the stars were what we thought of at night.
When the biggest fear, was the monster beneath the bed.
When we never regretted, a single word we said.
When boys were weird, and girls liked to play dolls.
When we wanted to grow up, and couldn't wait to learn how.
When we wanted to drive, we wanted to be like Mom and Dad.
When we couldn't wait for high school, we thought it wouldn't be so bad.
When we wished upon stars, and thought it'd come true.
When school was for drawing and flash cards and games.
When we knew that, no matter what, each day was never the same.
When we could dance like nobody was watching.
When we could talk as if we didn't really care.
When we could smile a thousand-watt smile.
When we could sing as if nobody was there.
When snow was the greatest thing in the world.
When we wanted a new game for Christmas.
When we didn't count calories in birthday cake.
When the newest toy was added to our wish list.
When Band-Aids made the pain go away.
When Mom's embrace made everything okay.
When we learned to ride a "big kid bike."
When the closest thing to love, was like.
When teachers were geniuses, and parents knew it all.
When we knew they were there, to catch us when we fall.
Looking back on that now, it looks like we all got our wish.
We grew up, but who knew, our childhood, we'd eventually miss?
Because now, we're all heartbroken and bleeding.
We're impatient, whiney, bruised, and needing.
We hurt too often to just "laugh it off."
Anything we get will never be enough.
Pigs don't fly, and money doesn't grow on trees.
Rainbows aren't that colorful, and sugar isn't as sweet.
Mom and Dad rarely talk, our teachers get us in trouble.
Band-Aids and Mom's hugs don't keep us in a protective bubble.
So, this is what we wanted; we're living it now.
Yet most of us would wish back to the past, if only we knew how.
We're merely daydreaming, and about to take that fall.
This is what we wanted, but we don't want it at all.

© 2012 Sienna

Author's Note

This took me so long to write!
Hope you enjoy :3

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Added on April 1, 2012
Last Updated on April 1, 2012
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