Dear Borumkee (aka My Conscience)

Dear Borumkee (aka My Conscience)

A Poem by Silver Silence

moving to quickly, breaking hearts


Borumkee Borumkee

why are you all up on me?

I am not ashamed

though maybe I should be

Borumkee Borumkee

why are you all up on me?

I don’t know the rules of your game

Love is weak and strong

and feels all different kinds of wrong

when I drop it like I do

And how can you trust me

when I’m inhaling and exhaling

but won’t hold my breath for you?

It feels like sinking and floating

all mixed into one

bubbles underwater

hoping to rise up when we’re done

Coast to the coast

rest upon the shore

‘cause when the beaches breeze

reaches my knees,

you’re all I can hope for

But I’ve felt and said this before

and I swore it would be different this time

but I am not different this time

It’s not he who needs to change but I

watching my hellos overlap with my goodbyes

won’t matter how happy I am in the moment

with one guy

Borumkee Borumkee

I know why you’re on me

I do not feel a thing

Borumkee Borumkee

I don’t know what love is

it’s just an excuse to sing

I am more weak than strong

and I am in the wrong

when I drop love like I do

And how can you trust me

when I move on so quickly

each time they fit so perfectly with me

It feels like sinking and breathing

all mixed into one

I find new air to breathe

the second we are done

we won’t make it to the coast

we won’t make it to the shore

cause when the beaches breeze

my heart it will freeze

and I will always want more

Because I have felt this before

and it is no different this time

it’s not you who needs to change but I

I’ve already said hello to someone new

now to you I say goodbye,

goodbye to you

© 2013 Silver Silence

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Added on June 8, 2013
Last Updated on June 8, 2013
Tags: heart breaker, heart, love, relationships, ashamed, conscience, wrong, trust, hurt, cheat, sing, guys, guy, break up, loving, confused


Silver Silence
Silver Silence


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