Not All Cats Land Gracefully

Not All Cats Land Gracefully

A Poem by Skoo.

Flickers of light crept between the blinds
Lingered in bright lines 
across your stubble.
Awake too late to say goodnight.
And I'm terrified, my
wall starts to crumble, I 
I should have run from the trouble.

Drifting through the cards we draw, 
We sneak from beds on buttered paws,
Swear to them that friends is all we've been.

The waves of confessions hushed
To a quiet murmur, as 
We rest,
Tentative promises
Float on the whisper of
Our slow, subconscious breaths, I
I should have fled.

Werewolves sent away unfed, 
You kept your vigil by my bed,
Our promises are wearing paper thin.

A fall too soon, the quick decline,
I couldn't land in heels so high, 
And it was done before it could begin.

I couldn't fall for another,
I should have run,

Bind ourselves in costumes, 
Our barriers to sin,
Vow "friends is all we'll ever be,
And all we've ever been."

And now I run,
And now I run from the trouble,
Though I can't fall for another,
I run from the trouble.

© 2014 Skoo.

Author's Note

Finally wrote something. It's pretty simple and probably hella cliche'd, and I'll probably edit it a whole bunch of times, but, it's there.

Any constructive criticism is very welcome, it's been so long since I last finished something, and even longer since I uploaded something, I could use all the help I can get (':

Thanks for reading! <3

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That was really beautiful. I enjoy a read that I feel the author has such a thick meaning behind every line.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on December 12, 2014
Last Updated on December 12, 2014



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