A Story by Jeannie Stevens

Are there dirty and hidden things in your life that need to be exposed and cleaned up? Spring is coming so maybe a good Spring cleaning is called for!

Well, you never know where your inspiration is gonna come from do you? Today, it was my new vacuum cleaner! Sad to say but my old vacuum " bit the dust" (sorry I just had to) about a month ago and I have not been able to vacuum my rugs for that long! Yuk, I know, right!
After the easy assembly on my new Eureka ( better than a Dyson
the label says), I ran a quick test over my living room and dining room carpet. That's all that I did last night before going to bed. I left the vacuum cleaner in the middle of the living room with the intent to finish up with my cleaning and dusting in the morning. Well, when I came downstairs this morning and looked at the clear, bagless canister, it was FULL! What! How could that be? It's just my husband and I in the house and lately we have been out of the house more than in! How could we have that much dirt and only in two rooms? I was speechless! Then, of course, that still small voice inside of me said, " you have way more hidden dirt in your life
than you realize!". Again, "What!". This is where I was supposed to do some quiet examining of my heart. Didn't want to so, I pressed on. I pulled the canister off and took it into the kitchen to empty into the trash. Oh my goodness. . . . . . The dirt was so compacted and the dust along with it so fine that I thought that I would never get it all out and cleaned up. The fine dust was the worst and would have clogged the new heppa filter had I not taken time to deal with it! Ok, this is where you can begin to get the point I hope. Some of the things in our lives that we look at as fine and insignificant to our walk with the Lord are possibly the things in our lives that get us in trouble or "clog up our filters" the most. They are not insignificant at all and need to be cleaned up as well as the big, evident ones! So, as I vacuum today and talk to my Jesus, the prayers on my lips will be, " show me the fine dust Lord that is clogging up my filter" and show me how to clean up my life a bit more thoroughly. Now, I am thankful for the broken vacuum that eventually brought me to a realization of the fine dirt in my life. Eureka!!!

Insight Insert: Ok, stand in front of your bathroom mirror and look straight into your own eyes and ask yourself "What hidden things do I have in my life that I am concealing because I would never want them to be exposed?" ( look out because mirrors never lie!) Really though, ask yourself that question. You are sure to have an immediate answer pop into your head. If so, then your filter needs to have a cleaning. Ask the Lord to help you deal with it and leave it at his feet. He will clean up any residual dirt that is left behind. You will be thankful for choosing to do a little upkeep and maintenance on your life! Eureka again!!

Scripture: Psalm 51:10. Create in me a clean heart, O God. Renew a loyal spirit within me. NLT

© 2018 Jeannie Stevens

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Added on January 28, 2018
Last Updated on January 28, 2018
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Jeannie Stevens
Jeannie Stevens

Dandridge, TN

I am my Fathers daughter. I love to write and enjoy trying just about any medium of creativity. I paint, sew, draw/sketch and have been writing poetry and life stories for at least 15 years now and h.. more..