Girl in my head

Girl in my head

A Poem by Skittykatt

I deleted all the pictures, they're banished to the past. You were my almost lover but I knew it wouldn't last. Give me just a second, please let me tell you why. I would like to tell you how I'm so used to goodbye. We all have our demons, we fight them every day. It seems as if my record though has set up to replay. Constantly I struggle, I fight the girl inside. She whispers deathly thoughts to me, she giggled as I cried. I've tried to run away, I worked to build a wall. All to no avail because I climbed it just to fall. Or maybe that girl pushed me, I think she wants me dead. Someone please come save me, remove her from my head! So many sleepless nights, I always toss and turn. Where did I go wrong in life? Why did I crash and burn? I used to be so strong, but my heart has become brittle. The world just tears me down everyday little by little. I thought you were the answer, you said you were my hero. I put all my faith in you, but now I'm left with zero. I may have made a mistake, but who hasn't in their life? After all I'm only human, I deal with everyday strife. Love is about perseverance, it's patient and it's kind. It doesn't run away when it meets a halty bind. Who says when it's too early? Is there a rulebook out there now? Can you believe I love you, when I don't even know how? I'm holding on to hope, it's crazy but it's true. Please will you tell me darling, could you maybe love me too? Maybe I'm just dreaming, or holding on to what isn't there. I know I should just forget you, I wish I didn't care. I'm at the bottom of this pit, it's sure to become my grave. There's nothing left to do if you and I cannot be saved. My mind is torn to pieces, maybe now you can finally see. I'm a girl with not much to lose, but you're everything to me. You can call me crazy, I've heard it all before. I just need stability, please don't walk out the door. You made it look so easy, with a grin upon your face. Maybe that's my problem, I'm so easy to replace. I don't know how to end this, should I stay or should I walk? Let me know your feelings, please darling can we talk?

© 2015 Skittykatt

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I have literally no idea how you pulled that off..conning me into believing I was simply ready a long paragraph and then those subtle rhyming words kept pulsating thru. A strong steady beat and visuals that bought a smile to my face as the scene unfolded on a stage in my head. Such quirky little sentences and that great awesome slam dunk last line..This could be my new favourite piece for quiet awhile. Thanks for making my night.. Curtsy bow indeed!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on April 4, 2015
Last Updated on April 4, 2015
Tags: Moving on, letting go, let down, breakup, love, heartbreak, sad, depressed, goodbye




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A Poem by Skittykatt