Gone before you left

Gone before you left

A Poem by Skittykatt

No matter what I do, you're always on my mind. With everything I see, yet again it's you I find. It's never been so easy, it's never been so hard. To give my love whole heartedly with every broken shard.  I've never been so lost or so slowly torn apart. I'm losing all my faith in that I have a working heart. Mistakes will come, that's part of life, I know it to be true. But never have i came upon one quite as lovely as you. It only took a week and then I turned into a kid. Not caring about anything I took myself and hid. Becoming someone different day by day and night by night. I didn't realize what I had done until the final fight. I haven't learned to live and I can't seem to let go. Your memory haunts my mind, it's only you I know. Is the child  still inside blocking all I'm meant to see? Or is this who I am? No, that's not possible to be. I have a clouded mind and my heart? It works just fine. The loneliness inside of me just wishes you were mine. I'll continue to fight my demons and push you from my mind. I'll start my journey to move on, the real me I will find. Soon you'll be just a grain of sand or a whisper in the wind. I'll never go back down this road, i promise you my friend. The love will be forgotten and the memories crushed to dust. I have to become whole again, I will I shall I must.  My plan will work, I'm sure of it, at least it's a place to start. I'll let you go, and myself too, I promise, cross my heart. No love, no tears, no memories, none of this anymore. How great a love can be when it's you I'm doing this for. One can only hope and to live and let love be. This is the short ending to the story of you and me.

© 2015 Skittykatt

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Added on April 4, 2015
Last Updated on April 4, 2015
Tags: lonely, cry, broken, breakup, sorry, regret, moving on, letting go, heart, mistake, lost, missing you, love




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A Poem by Skittykatt