The Little Girl's Sadness

The Little Girl's Sadness

A Story by Jasmine

  Once upon a time there was a happy little girl. Then life happened and that happy little girl changed. One thing knocked over all of the dominoes that kept her happy. First she went years without seeing her brothers. Then she lost her friends because she was different. After that she was a shell of herself. She knew she would never truly heal so she learned how to make a mask a happy mask for a sad girl.

  By the time she got to high school she had her mask so perfect even she believed the lie. That's all it was though a lie. She made it through all four years basically the same as she had made it through her childhood.

  When she graduated she thought her life would change but the little girl was still so sad. She would say life would get better but ever the negtive spirit she also expected the worst.

  After nearly two years of being unemployed and unhappy she knew she had to make a change but how could she do that? She couldn't remember how to truly be happy. Maybe if she became the person her parents wanted her to be she would find happiness.

  She found that wouldn't work. Even when she was who her parents wanted her to be they found other things for her to fix. Suddenly the solution to her problem became clear. Her problem wasn't that something was wrong with her it was that something was wrong with her parents. They would never be happy with who she was and therefore she would never be happy.

  One day she decided to take a stand so she made a plan and early the next morning she executed it. She had her bags packed so she could make a quick getaway. As quietly as she could she carried her bags to her car and put them in the trunk. She climbed behind the wheel and put the key in the ignition and turned it until she heard the purr of the cars engine. She carefully drove her car to the end of the driveway and left her old life behind. She drove until she got to a little town and got a job working as a waitress for a small diner where you know everyone's name. For the first time since she was a child she was truly happy.

  After a few months she met a nice man and they fell in love. A year later they got married and soon after that they were expecting their first child. It was a little girl of her own. She vowed she would never make her daughter feel the way her parents had made her feel.

  When it came time for her daugter to go to college she was beautiful inside and out with the self confidence only someone with a great upbringing could have. After she graduated from college she came back to her hometown and opened up her own medical practice. She to met a nice man and married him and had a daughter of her own whom she would raise with the same love her mother and father gave her.

  When the woman was about to die she was lying in her home in her bed surrounded by her children and their children. her husband had passed away earlier that year. The knowledge that she would soon see him again made the end easier. She took her last breathe that day. Her children were saddened by the death of their mother but at the same time they knew she would want them to celebrate her entrance into the lord's kingdom not mourn her leaving earth.



© 2012 Jasmine

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What a pleasant story of the troubled woman who turned her life around and found happiness

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Parish, NY

I love to write books. I have a sweet Jack russell/toy smooth fox terrier named Princess. I am the youngest of four and the only girl. more..

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