The Blood Witch's café

The Blood Witch's café

A Story by Stephen Kim

Rym of the blood witch's death by a witch


A café with best teas and most delectable pastries in France. The smell is intoxication to the soul.
My mother asked. "Do you enjoy this café?"
"Yes its very nice. The best one so far, since we have been here." I said.
She says to me with her tea cup raised a bit. "This café, was not always been a nice cafe. There was a blood witch that owed this place. Long ago." Taking a sip of her tea.
Everything was so original there. There were fresh herbs, berries and fruit to put in your tea. The people were nice. The art and music playing like no were I seen any wears. " I can't imagine this place was owned by a witch." I said taking a bite from my pastry. "And what's a blood witch?"
"Come closer,so I can tell you quietly about the blood witch."
My mom began to tell me about the blood witch's café.
On the night of a full moon the blood witch hunts. Finding a witch to drain there blood. She casts a spell and make her tea.
Tea so good you can't resist everyone say it's bliss. Into goblins they will turn, from the blood that she churns. Drink the tea for three full moons into goblin very soon.
A witch can't drink this tea.
It tastes so rank it can't be drank.
On winters day a young girl took a drank.
I can not stand the tea that taste is rank.
The blood witch wrote in a book. This young witch I am going to hook.
Her blood for tea I will cook.
In one swoop the young girl flew the coop.
She ran home across five stones.
One slip could break some bones.
Through the grove passing the trees. With her speed kicking up the leaves.
Pulled a stick out of the mud.
Moon was bright in the sky.
Shadows caught the young girls eye.
Twisting the crystal knob on the door.
I never drink that tea no more.
At the door the blood witch spoken.
Let me in the knob is broken.
Out the chimney came some smoke.
The young girl stole the nobs and put them in her coat.
Running out the door past the mud.
The blood witch stuck in the mud.
Through the grove she could not stop.
The blood witch flies through the tops.
Out the corner of her eye shadows filled. the moon light sky.
The blood witch with broken bones.
laid across all five stones.
At the café I was concerned.
the shadows were
Is what I learned.
Changed the nobs.
Took the book.
The shadows are witches
in the book.
The blood witch is about to cook.
Took the pages tore them out.
Took the pages spread them out.
Cast three circle round about.
Ask the devil to help me out.
Take the blood witch broken bones.
As she lays on five stones.
Return these witches to their home.

"And that was the end of the blood witch. The shadow witches had no home so they moved in the café and brew the tea now." "Bottoms up"

© 2015 Stephen Kim

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Added on December 6, 2015
Last Updated on December 6, 2015
Tags: tea, café, horror, blood witch, witch


Stephen Kim
Stephen Kim

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