How I think of stories

How I think of stories

A Poem by Strife

My thought process for story telling...kinda

My friend,
I saw a girl today
or at least a picture of her
with long raven hair
along with a crimson coat.
These were all plain qualities
that I had seen before.

But behold,
I looked into her eyes
and became mesmerized.

I do not know who she is or was,
but I want to know.
I want to know the truth.

Wait, no I don't.

Like any good American,
I want what works for me.
If the truth works for me,
then so be it.

But if it be a lie,
then I will make a very good lie.

Look upon this girl,
this girl with the long raven hair
and her crimson coat.
Watch as I lie as I see fit.

I say that this girl
with the raven hair and the crimson coat
is a lively rose.
All roses have thorns,
that much is to be expected,
but this girl
with the raven long hair
and the crimson red coat
sharpens her thorns
to keep all at bay
with no sense of fair play.

She challenges me to become more
than I could imagine,
to rise and be the hero
I always wanted to be.
The world will lay more challenges before me
as it always does.

Let it be said that I would conquer both
the light and the dark
to see that wild rose bloom.
I would even breathe the weird
and haunted shores of world's end.

Even if she has a bloodstained past,
or something not as melodramatic
I will stand strong.
She may even have
seven evil exes.
Should fate present that to me
then I'll...

then I shall...

(just give me a minute here)

I'll use my bass guitar to whup that vegan's a*s.
I'll take down that famous actor
and score his autograph.
I'll cheat and steal
to have the last laugh.

No, wait...
I think that's already taken.

Oh well,
f**k it.
I'll think of something else later.
Time for snacks.

© 2010 Strife

Author's Note

Eh, it's been a while. I'm seriously rusty. Nimen hao.

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Added on June 30, 2010
Last Updated on June 30, 2010



McAllen, TX

I'm Strife, and I joined because I'm aspiring writer (sorta) and I just wanted to make sure whatever I write doesn't end up being horrible. I don't have a favorite author, but I probably should. Sayi.. more..

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