An unexpected pair and a tragic end

An unexpected pair and a tragic end

A Poem by SupernaturalGirl

A love that had to end.


Sam and Madison are not of the same kind. Sam a Demon hunter, but not only demons does he kill, he kills ghosts, any other other evil creature that is hurting or ruining people or civilization in any way. He met Madison and they fell in love. They had made love one night by in a bed by a fire, it was romantic and heated. When Sam woke up the following morning he found Madison perched in the window snarling at him with wierd looking fangs and yellow eyes. He got up to try to catch her, but she flung out the window and disappeared. Madison was a Werewolf, she became a werewolf after she thought she had gotten mugged, but it was much more than that. Sam had to kill her before she got out of control. Him and his brother Dean went looking for her and found her, they brought her back to her place and tied her up in a chair. Sam and Madison talked while Dean stayed in the kitchen. A little while later Sam went to the kitchen and asked Dean for the gun, Dean didn't want to, but eventually he did. Sam was on the verge of tears, he walked from the kitchen. Dean is standing there looking sorry for Sam but keeping his expression strong, then he hears a gunshot and he jumps a little. Sam just broke his own heart, but he didn't have a choice.     (From the show supernatural)

Picture of Madison as she goes out the window, this is a fanfiction. THIS IS A NARRARATED POEM, ITS LIKE A SHORT STORY ONLY MORE MEANINGFUL.

© 2009 SupernaturalGirl

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I liked it. Very entertaining. Just remember: paragraphs.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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I love to read, write, and have fun. I love to read Stephenie Meyer books they are amazing. I am reading Host by Stephenie Meyer at the moment. I love to write fanfiction and the link I have on my pro.. more..