A Poem by Vishuddha

What places are there
In your soul
In your untethered mind
Where you reach out
And, seek to find
The darkest secrets, boiling black devotions
Of unfettered, evil, willful, wild emotions?

What places might there, somewhere, be
Where most minds would refuse to go?
Where most eyes would refuse to see?
What is it that you want to know?
From nowhere do your thoughts recoil?
What dread is it your dreams embroil?

What are you willing, now, to do?
What is it
Stimulating you?

Try and try
To justify
But, you know, just as well as I
Words can be tricky, they may lie

Don't be naive!
Minds do deceive
They can be made
Of make believe
lead you astray
take you away
from who you were
just yesterday
Bemuse, confuse
And, then betray
Misuse someday
Abuse some way

Swelling bile breeds bitter rejections
Severs compassion and human connections
Wrenches away from underlying instinct
Away from guardian angels

Morality abandoned
rabid gestation
morbid investigation
immoral imagination
can take you here
can leave you there
can meet you anywhere
beyond what should, what could, what if
Ethics adrift

A thousand potentials
each promising fulfillment
yet, standing against morality
against reality
against mortality
unlimited, ego driven
propelling power, pure
Just hear them roar
And, then hear nothing ever more
Anything justified
anything possible
no holds barred
where are you going without any guidelines?

interrupts the soul, the whole
emotional makeup
corrupts the spirit
wandering away from the herd
without a heart
holding hands with no one
who, in better days
would be stoned by the village
turned away from altruism
into cold isolation
no one caring
caring for no one
never satisfied
devoured by thirst
psychotic narcissism
imprisoned by your own desires
impelled by your obsessive, internal fires
over the edge
over the ledge
feeding an empty heart
with the eyes of victims
with power
with the hands of giants
with unlimited capabilities
unfettered imagination
appetite is really tough
and, some
no matter what they do
never get enough

© 2015 Vishuddha

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The flow was perfect, it was easy to read. I got a Shakespeare type feel to it without the strange words. I don't normally read poetry that is so long, but this poem captured my attention and held it up until the very end. Wonderful piece. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Wow! I can't think of a higher compliment than Shakespearean! Thank you!

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