A Poem by Mariana Silva

When everyone seems intent on empathizing when you just want them to listen...


The pain devours your soul,

Leaving nothing but the worthless body.

Feeling like you want to feel whole…

Like you’re really somebody.

Crying yourself to sleep,

You ask yourself, why?

How’d you get in so deep,

To the point that all you can do, is cry?

It hurts so bad,

Left so alone.

Emotions making you mad,

To the point you’re cussing at the phone.

Wish it would stop ringing,

Stop nagging at you…

Wish the voices would stop singing,

About how others are hurting like you.

You really don’t want to care,

But you don’t want to ask for love.

You feel it would be unfair,

And that it wouldn’t be true love.

You lie awake tonight,

Cursing the pain.

But no matter your might,

You can’t be rid of the pain.

Wishing someone would call,

And ask how you are feeling,

But alas, you never get the call.

Finally…darkness consumes your being.

Lost in your own misery,

You succumb.

All of this misery…

And for succumbing you’re feeling dumb.

“God, someone…

Please, somebody save me”

You may plead to just about anyone,

Hoping someone will see

That you are dying inside.

Lie awake tonight,

Make sure you’ve cried

So you can just finish the fight.

© 2008 Mariana Silva

Author's Note

Mariana Silva
Please criticize structure but don't look to flame something simply because you do not agree.

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This is beautiful-the form is center-line free form
which I thought actually accentuated
the passionate intention
ouch.. heartwrenching wording
entwining saddness and tears

"How'd you get in so deep,
To the point that all you can do, is cry?

Posted 15 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 27, 2008


Mariana Silva
Mariana Silva


Love to read and write, so much in fact, there isn't a place where my journal and pen have not followed me because you never know when something will spring forth to be written. Not a prodigy but some.. more..

Honest Honest

A Poem by Mariana Silva