A Poem by Mariana Silva

There are not enough words to describe why this is here.


Whispering words in the dark of tonight,

Do you really think that I wanna hear it?

You left me empty-handed, scratching at all my old wounds.

Oh boy, was it ever a sight!

So obedient, I stayed where I was told to sit.

Though I have scars, at least they aren’t wounds.

Finally, peace of mind and a little happiness,

But that wasn’t good enough, oh no.

At night, I cry and bawl cus life still isn’t fair.

It’s not right that I still have clung to this sadness,

Yet, I can’t help it, knowing what I know.

The answer is evident in your blank stare!

Down amongst the souls you once taunted,

Do they treat you right and proper?

Have you found peace at last?

By your ever willingness to die, I am haunted.

Screaming, do they treat you right and proper!

Pain touched everyone covered by the shadow your casket cast.

One last time, you say, “I love you”

As cries fill the air for you to stay…

Stay and keep toiling like the rest of us…

We hurt too.

Forget what others will say

But please, return to us!

But the end comes and sweeps away the dust,

Brushing away the tears from ashen cheeks.

Still, I wonder, what could have been different?

If we started again, would I still struggle to earn your trust?

Would we know love and all its peaks?

Why couldn’t you stay? Why couldn’t things be different!


© 2008 Mariana Silva

Author's Note

Mariana Silva
Honest opinion.

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Added on December 30, 2008


Mariana Silva
Mariana Silva


Love to read and write, so much in fact, there isn't a place where my journal and pen have not followed me because you never know when something will spring forth to be written. Not a prodigy but some.. more..

Honest Honest

A Poem by Mariana Silva