A Poem by Mariana Silva

New poem approach...taking personal thoughts on a person and expressing the emotions and thoughts.


Thick-skinned and a smile so cold,

Is there someone in there,

Or has there been too much pain?

At the end of the path, there lies change.

A story that will go untold,

Is it you, or your existence that isn't fair?

With eyes that seem to hold disdain,

Is it possible for you to change?

At a river, surrounded by nature so calm,

A boy drowned, and from that body,

Was bourn a new person.

Could it possibly be that the little boy never did die?

Who is to know, the smile almost as faint as the beginning of the dawn.

Whether you die as somebody,

Or self-made person,

You've known and accepted that you will die.

Memory take root, and cold sweep through,

The heart of the boy struggles against the new.

Who is the imposter and who is to blame,

Who is to judge when both live so strong?

What have you come to?

With nothing left for you to try and do,

It all must feel the same,

Does no emotion for you last long?

At the embankment, there waited a wolf.

As the new boy was borne, it watched on.

A sign of the struggle between the savage and sophisticated world,

The war rages deepest in the confines of your heart.

So, farewell all knowing wolf,

For it seems you saw the end that waited your son...

For where can a man with heart of savagery and reason belong in this world?

© 2009 Mariana Silva

Author's Note

Mariana Silva
Be honest

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Honestly liked the read.

"For where can a man with heart of savagery and reason belong in this world?"

Maybe become a VP?

Posted 15 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on January 10, 2009


Mariana Silva
Mariana Silva


Love to read and write, so much in fact, there isn't a place where my journal and pen have not followed me because you never know when something will spring forth to be written. Not a prodigy but some.. more..

Honest Honest

A Poem by Mariana Silva