Word Vomit 03 - Dreams

Word Vomit 03 - Dreams

A Story by NightWatch

Fair warning: this is kind of weird.

As my eyelids close, I can feel my mind leave my body. Sleep overtakes me, and I enter into the land of my dreams.
A girl looks at me and smiles. Who is she? I've never seen her before in my life, but she seems so familiar... Maybe I have seen her, just as a passerby on a street or something... She reached out and touches my face, but she starts to melt away. I cry out, but my voice doesn't carry; only silence. The puddle where she once was ripples as though there's a breeze drifting across it. My body is petrified. I can't move. Something crawls out of the puddle, but I can't make out what it is. With it, darkness rolls into the background. It looks like tentacles, so it might be an octopus. No, those are arms... But there's no head. Someone's crawling out of the puddle, but they've got no head!
The person finishes climbing, but before they stand up, they reach their arm back into the puddle and pull out a cat head the size of a watermelon. They fumble around with it, trying to put it on the stub where their head used to be, and when they finally get the cat head on straight, there's a terrible crunching sound. Suddenly the person turns into a tabby cat and runs off into the horizon. I can move again. I blink a couple of times, and then the cat changes into a bright light. The sun. I can see trees everywhere. The sun must be too hot, because the trees are catching fire and spreading through the woods.
I search for water. A pond, a spring, a creek, anything. I can't find any water. But now I don't need water for the forest, I need water because I'm thirsty. No.. parched. I'm in a desert now, and the sun's boiling my skin. How it hurts! If I don't get water soon, I'll die...
But it's snowing... I'm in the mountains. It's so cold... The sun's still there in the sky, though. But it has a face, and it's staring at me. It's saying something... It's saying...
"Ken, wake up!" my sister and tabby cat stood over me, the ceiling light turned on and my sister holding the blanket, "It's your birthday!"

© 2015 NightWatch

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Added on December 27, 2015
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Greetings, friend! My name's Cody, I'm 19 as of the 17th of October, and I'm a dude with long hair (been growing it out for three years now) I'm really good at composing music, so if you're inte.. more..

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