Tell Me

Tell Me

A Poem by Sylvia Ransom

Pissed off? Hurt? Betrayed? Heart broken? Seeking revenge? Here's a great poem to soothe and/or feed the desire. :)


Tell Me


How dare you ever say that you cared,

How dare you beg for me to stay here,

Apparently there's nothing between us,

Or at least not enough to try.


How my heart aches everytime I think of you,

How my blood rushes everytime I wish to touch you,

How my body screams for the rush of all of you,

But this all is your way of ripping me apart.


Guess what,

I know you are a d****e,

Guess what,

Even I'm not as heartless as you,

Say what?

You think that you've won this game,

How naive you are,

I pity your every shuttering breath.


Are you scared,

Of how you will die?

Are you pissed,

Because you've been caught in your lies?

Are you shaking,

At the fear that you feel inside?

Do you know,

It's me who will take your life?


I can't wait,

To see what will be written on your grave,

I can't wait,

To hear them all speak my name,

I can't wait,

For them to laugh and say,

It's about time,

Why did she wait?


You know,

You deserve this,

You know,

That I don't care,

You know this because,

You stripped me of my morals,

Long ago when you told me you cared.


Tell me,

How will it feel to die,

Lying on the floor,

Covered in your own blood?

Tell me,

How will it feel,

To know your death is all of your fault,

For ever hurting me,

For always lying to me,

For everything you did to me?


Tell me,

Will you beg for mercy?

Tell me,

Will you attempt to apologize?

Tell me,

Will you scream for salvation?

Tell me,

Will you beg God for forgiveness?


I sure hope not,

He's no longer here for you,

You should have thought about that,

Back when you tore my heart in two,

Before you lied to me,

Before you left me to die.


Tell me,

If you read this,

How do you feel?

Was it worth it?

Are you ready to die?

Can you feel your heart constricting?

Maybe next time,

You'll think instead of killing yourself,

So you would have a better way to die.




© 2010 Sylvia Ransom

Author's Note

Sylvia Ransom
I have a feeling that some people wll regret reading this. I am very uhmmm, sadistic, some would say. I know I'm sadistic, I'm a masochist too. You can say that's a problem, but it's my salvation.

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I like this poem. No weakness. Just anger and disappointment. Sometime better to write on paper then to act out in real life. Strong words made the point loud and clear. A outstanding poem. Thank you.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on December 14, 2010
Last Updated on December 14, 2010
Tags: pissed, hurt, love, pain, revenge, emo, heart break, lies, death, murder, deamons, tragedy, etc.


Sylvia Ransom
Sylvia Ransom

Munfordville, KY

I am me. I am not your friend, I am not your enemy, I am myself, and I won't ever change because I am who I want to be. If you don't like that, well too damn bad. I have been pushed around and lied to.. more..

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