Mummy! Daddy!

Mummy! Daddy!

A Poem by tanaya

This is a personal story... It's a bit long but please read, all comments are appreciated! Stay strong and stay safe my lovlies


Mummy! Mummy!

 Are you ok?

Why is daddy doing this?

 I thought everything was ok

 We were going great

 we were a happy family!

 What went wrong?


 Daddy! Daddy!

 Why do you do this?

 You hurt mummy!

You scare me daddy

 I don’t want you to scare me daddy

I love you daddy


Mummy lets get away

Mummy I need you mummy

I need you to be strong for me


Daddy why can't you leave us alone?

 You say you love mummy but all you do is hurt us

You make me cry at night

You make mummy cry at night


Mummy you have 5 kids that need you

Please to abandon us again mummy



 Why do you do this?

 Leave now!

 Get away!

 Daddy made you hurt so he made us hurt

Get away while you can

Oh no its too late.

 I love you mammy but I gotta go


 I cant stand around while you let him ruin you mummy

I'll always love you

But ill hate you for what you did

You stayed with that animal

He made us love him as a father

 Now none of us can get rid of him


Mummy im confused

I don’t know wether to love or to hate

Mummy I need your help


Daddy why did you do this?

 You said you loved us?

  But all you do is hurt us

Were all broken beyond repair


Mummy daddy why did you do this?

 We've fallen apart

We are nothing now


Mummy daddy I need you


Mummy daddy I hate you

© 2013 tanaya

Author's Note

this is a sort of message to all women, men and children that are a victim or a witness to an abusive relationship, wether you be the victim, a friend or the child in a horrible domestic relationship. There is always hope and help out there. If you would like to talk I am here for you <3 If you see this happening you need to talk to the victim and make sure they get as much help as possible for them. Never endanger their safety! These situations are horrible... And it's not always the women being abused. Any form of abuse is not acceptable and should be treated with the upmost punishment. Please stay safe lovelies! <3

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I agree that of course it's not only women who are abused. Mental abuse also takes place many times, and the way you ended this poem was great I think. The speaker is somewhat torn, and you can sense the distress.

Posted 3 Years Ago

This was interesting and a pleasure to read. The halting and continuing made it that much more real and I'm sure so many people, including myself, will feel this poem and appreciate it for what it is. Good writing, keep it up! :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Excellent perspective! I love the way you used the different lines to convey all the different thoughts people have while they are being abused and watching abuse. Thank you for sharing this!

Posted 6 Years Ago

A powerful and sad poem. My mother had to escape often. She could pick the violence and bad men. I believe woman need to know the people before getting into a relationship. Many hints like bad temper and jealousy. Sometime people can change. Many reasons for a bad ending. Violence is never the answer. Thank you for the excellent poetry.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on April 2, 2013
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