Don't Forget.

Don't Forget.

A Poem by Tanya B Wear

My hands are cold,

My toes are numb.

But my heart is warm,

My soul, on fire.


I watch you spin dance and play,

As go around, your happy day.

You flash a smile, teeth and all,

and run to the side where I can't catch you.


I am it, and your out of breath.

But it doesn't matter.

The snow is falling and ice is growing,

But our footsteps wake the earth.


Back and forth,

We dance around.

But only I know,

Know what fate has for you.


I take your hand,

And bring you home.

I am waiting for the day

I know you will forget.


You are sick,

Sick of this earth.

It poisened your heart,

Strangled your mind.


You have already forgotten

Auntie Clara and Uncle Bill.

You don't remember

Pumpkin Pie or Story Time.


Your Mind is fading,

Fading fast.

Soon you will forget a little faster,

And a lot more things will become obsolete.


To you,

It doesn't matter if its warm or cold,

Light or Dark.

Only a few things exist.


I watch you as you sleep.

I wonder if you'll wake up tomorrow,

Or If you'll know who I am.


You lay awake in bed,

Staring into space.

Glazy eyes don't move,

And your arms are limp at your sides.


I walk in and a gasp escapes my lips.

Your eyes roll towards me,

and I hear a faint,

"I don't feel good, Mama,"


"I know, sweetie,"

I say back to you.

I help you get up,

and we start the journey to the hospital.


Two days pass,

When you say,

The line I've been hearing all your life,

"Who are you?"


You have forgotten.

You have forgotten

Your life, your family, and you dreams.


All I wanted,

Since the day the docters told me,

Was to not be forgotten,

Was for you not to forget.


But your getting worse.

Your heart won't beat,

Your lungs won't expand,

Your blood won't flow.


You have become a machine,

Full of tubes and needles,

And I die every time

That machine lives insted of you.


I don't know where you went Brigid,

But where ever you have gone,

Don't forget me,

And don't forget yourself.


© 2011 Tanya B Wear

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Author's Note

Tanya B Wear
This about my little friend Brigid. No she didn't die, but she did inspire me. One day she asked my dad about his mom, and he told her, "She is in heaven." Then a friend walked up and asked Brigid where her Mom was, and Brigid replied, "She is in Heaven." This shows how quickly little children forget, and how important to make your effect on them while they still remember,

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Added on December 1, 2011
Last Updated on December 2, 2011


Tanya B Wear
Tanya B Wear


I can be dark, I can be dangerous. I can be light, I can be happy. I can be soulful with the blues, or I can be still with silence. But I am who I am, and nobody can change that. more..