Give Me a Flame Of Hope

Give Me a Flame Of Hope

A Poem by Tanya B Wear


Flickers. Dances

And sends showdows across the walls.

It burns to keep us warm.

And does its job quite well.

The wood snaps and cracks as it fills the room with that pine scent.

The family is gathered around.

Everyone:Ma and Pa, The three kids, Gram and Pap, and fido.

For the first time in forever, everyone was happy.

Mom wasn't crying, Dad wasn't fighting, and I wasn't hiding.

If its life, It shouldn't change, If it's dream, I shouldn't wake.

My life has been a nightmare, full of pain and hurt, dying and wanting to die.

Mom cuts to forget, Dad drinks to dream, and I, I write my fears away.

Fire inspires me, because it can bring peace or conflict, bring warmth or take it away.

 Thebest thing to do when I don't know if Mom is coming back is to curl up by the fire.

The warmth takes away the pain of hostility and the cruelty of resentment.

Its like going numb with warmth. You can't feel the ice or the burns.

Then Mom will walk in after hours of lying on the floor and says ROOM

Theres "no sorry for leaving" or any crap like that.

Only the bitterness of life.

I only think one thing:

She needs a spark that

Flickers. Dances.





© 2011 Tanya B Wear

Author's Note

Tanya B Wear
yes fire does inspire, and yeah maybe I do have too much time on my hands

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I was looking throught the contest i entered about shape poetry and i noticed that most people didnt even put it to a shape. I was getting slightly dissapointed and then i noticed this and i was wondering how you could make it look like a i see^^.
Haha so i like this a lot, i really do. Not only is the colors and the shape perfect but the words are great too. I glad that you have too much time on your hands because you got to share this

Posted 11 Years Ago

Omg, Tanya! This was really good, loved it! I also loved how you creatively made the poem take shape of an actual fire. Well done :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on December 4, 2011
Last Updated on December 4, 2011


Tanya B Wear
Tanya B Wear


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