Clarity of surprises

Clarity of surprises

A Story by Tasi83

Two dreamy beautiful ladies are talking on the ground floor of the university, i.e. directly below the surface, as if they deliberately want to avoid most of the incomprehensible, or newcomers, eager, curious people who like to stare at them
They sit while gesticulating violently, their clothes rustling, occasionally
they laugh at the same time. Their siren-like, angelic laughter is beautiful. It is as if the secret immediacy with which they relate not only to each other, but also to the micro world more narrowly considered seems self-evident.
I thank them quietly and cautiously, but as if they don't want to hear me, they continue talking among themselves. Seemingly ignoring me, of course. I purposely get a bit within their range of vision and wave so that they at least notice me; one of the blondes waves kindly with a doe-like glow, while the other does the same after a few moments.
A delicious smell of hotdogs, mainly ketchup, begins to spread, sometimes with the smell of burnt fries, which will become more and more attractive to my rumbling stomach. After all, I had breakfast at 7:30 in the morning. Still, maybe it would be better if I headed for the small Chinese restaurant in Rákócz, because there not only the Szechuan chicken with hot sauce and jasmine rice looks divine, but they also have chicken breast baked in spicy fur with soy sauce noodles, which again evokes in my thoughts the longing after hunger.
Suddenly I think of Kriszta with a painful intensity, incomparable. How did your life develop after high school? He was so cocky and down on his feet when the teacher snickered and tasted him in one of the headmaster's classes that my heart skipped a beat. It is only a matter of fact that the Dunaszegcs�' inn hosted the first so-called our token date.
Then I jump back in time a few decades. It's like I'm some kind of crazy time traveler who can freely jump between the gaps in the time-space continuum, and I'm already a university student who is about to ask the most important question of his life as a surprise to a lady who looks exactly like Krista: "Would you do me the honor of coming to see me?"
Of course, the lady hesitates, hesitates, and it is more and more apparent that before she chews on the question with a lot of gut-wrenching guts, there is still a long hesitation on her doe-eyed face: "Will it be good like this?" After all, the teacher's fee should definitely be distributed! The dogs will be with mother in the countryside, because you are deathly afraid of them and similar formalities."
The almost homely ghosts of the night seem to deliberately cover every nook and cranny of the cursed capital. I often feel so landlocked, like a sinking ship, or a lost soul that receives a fatal blow, and there is only one sandbar - not many - that I could safely cling to.
Not long after, my mobile phone rings, even though it was already late at night, I set it to vibrate directly so that no one accidentally disturbs me:
"Hi, honey... huck... sorry, but I've had a little too much to drink... it would be nice to have dinner with you, because you're a very sexy guy..." says a familiar female voice with romantic drunkenness. Although drunk people are basically sweaty.
"I hope you're okay, though?" - I ask him, although I don't know what the hell, when tomorrow this nice female voice is quite certain that he won't even remember if it was a boy or a girl.
"I love you!" - he laughs into the mobile phone, and then I can hear from a distance that he is already going into violent gagging due to the copious amount of alcohol.
I've been tossing and turning pretty much all night. The apartment seems to have turned into one big glowing furnace, the primary and most important task of which is to keep the boiling, African-type, sauna air inside. The only problem with this is that a person is unable to wake up the next day fresh, refreshed and rested, if he has to go to work. I open the large window a little and temporarily immerse myself in the sounds of the night, followed by a refreshing shower at two in the morning.
I manage to fall asleep at around 5:30, but duty wakes me up again: I have to get up, because the day would be a million other things.
I'm looking at a wedding invitation. One of my group members wants to marry me off to some cool gangster lawyer, who is already showering her with gifts and jewelry. She's apparently completely lost in her chic, posh, luxurious financial carelessness, and I just need her to be able to brag like a diva in front of others about how good a deal she made with this damn wedding. I don't want to spoil the party, but in the best case scenario, they divorce after six months, because the thug-looking lawyer already shows that he has tried other suits to his liking.
In the morning, I run to the Roman coast. The bubbling, wise Danube's sewage foams have a calming effect on me, albeit only temporarily, because I notice the pretty actress and her spotted mixed breed dog as they run past me in light gazelle steps. Now it would be so nice to tell this well-known actress about my sad, vomiting childhood, to which the majority of people would already respond by saying: We are not spiritual garbage cans! Search for yourself I'd rather see a psychiatrist!
For the rest of the morning, a hesitant, melancholic monotony seemed to settle over him out of necessity; the formula of inner monotony. I know that I should create something in terms of a creative attitude, but I only walk in the corridor between the rooms in the hall; I am deep in my thoughts. I end up in my parents' former bedroom! My goodness! How I was afraid of lightning and thunder! I always crawled into bed with them. Now, from the smaller off-white wardrobe, pictures of class tables are brought out in order.
What a spoiled, insecure, bloated little boy I was! To this day, I still wonder how I managed to stay alive at all during my life-and-death struggle childhood. I'll see Kriszta right away. She smiles with an angelic kindness, as only she can, and then I compare the photo with Kata's at university! It's like they're twins! It's as if they're just copying each other's feminine practices and gestures, which makes me quite confused and fills me with strangeness.
Sometime around eleven in the morning, I heat the meatballs with tomato sauce and basil left over from yesterday in the microwave.
The chirping of an intercom jolted me out of my musings.
I struggle to get up from the small dining nook next to the living room.
"Hello… yes…"
"Word!" So who am I? �" a laughing, beautiful, optimistic voice. I have no idea who it could be.
"Honey!" I haven't seen you in so long! Will you let me in…?
I press the red button and open the ground floor gate for him with a buzzing click.
"This voice is so familiar! But who can it be?!” �" comes the mind-numbing morphing, and five hard minutes later the ringing.
"To hell with it!" Something to wear! I can't go out like this! I look like an Australian aborigine!” �" I quickly put on a clean polo shirt and short bermuda shorts, which I should have ironed, but now I'm not excited about it in the least.
I peek through the tiny hole in the door. She is a beautiful woman in her thirties with short, black hair who appears to have had dark brown hair before. I open the door carefully, after all, every second counts. Nothing should be caught unnecessarily.
"I'll open it right away!" A little patience! - I say, as if anyone could hear through the hermetically sealed door
my sweet voice.
As soon as I open it, I immediately recognize the heaven-smile, the mischievous-flirting, full-hearted lady from high school.
"My pearl, is that you?" I ask to be safe. I am touched, but I deliberately want to hide my cowardly tears.
- Hello Darling! - followed by a kiss on the cheek, then a long hug. I feel all the exotic shapes of the female superstition body and somehow I calm down, but I also fall in love immediately. "You haven't changed a thing!" - he declares as soon as he enters the apartment and looks at everything with curiosity and eagerness.
"Uh… you're incredibly heart-stopping in that dress…" I remark, because secretly I still think it's appropriate to praise women and give them compliments.
"You see my dear!" That's why I love you! You remained who you were! �" now he aims directly at my lips and kisses me for a long time as if he were a greedy mermaid, which really makes me tingle inside, while my chubby face blushes quite a bit.
"Um… you taste delicious!" I just don't smell tomato sauce? he licks his superstitious lips seductively.
"Excuse me, please, I didn't finish lunch long ago!" Would you like something...?
"A good silly conversation!" �" with that he already takes a seat on the large sofa in the very center of the living room.
"Well, this promises to be interesting!" - I think to myself, and I'm not so wrong, because my best friend from high school is telling me, almost in tears, that the expasia of her eyes cheated her a lot with grass and trees, and her wedding didn't turn out the way she planned.
"...And just imagine, dear, that b*****d was still able to carry that scumbag into our own apartment!" And he had the nerve to ask with a chuckle what I would say to a triple march! It was absolutely blood-curdling! Anyway, I broke up with him right away! It was or it wasn't!
I gave him a clean pocket to tidy up. At least this seemed to help a lot now. Later, he tells us that he wants children and that he still hasn't found his life partner in this area, but he wants to sincerely hope that his true friends will stick by him no matter what.
- Oh well! - I answer, because somehow I can't think of anything better, and then I remember that since it's a working day, I absolutely have to take care of this and that.
"Oh, forgive me, don't be angry!" You must have a million other things to do! Sorry! I just... - as if he already suspected something, he straightens himself up, straightens his suggestive, sexy dress and is about to leave me alone again and get out of my life, when I decide to assuage his suspicions and encourage him to stay like a good old friend:
"Listen, give me five minutes!" I'm going to call my workplace right now! I still have a couple of sunbeds left, which I should have taken out a long time ago anyway! It's not a big deal! �" I can feel his exotic, yet vulnerable gaze, his grateful angelic gaze, which is unique all women can. I quickly run back to my former children's room, which has now taken over the function of a study, about ten years ago, and behind closed doors I pretend to make a loud phone call, because I know Gyöngyi will be listening!
When I'm done, I'm not disappointed, he stares at me at the door with tense, hand-wringing nervousness, and with his eyes he tells me whether I've managed to ask for a day off:
"Is everything okay, sweetheart?" he asks restlessly.
"Of course, angel!" No problem! �" which is half true, but I'd rather not confess the other half. (i.e. I've been unemployed for quite some time, and if I have one, I make a living from odd jobs.)
- This is great! Then we can finally be together and I can pour my heart out to you! - you can feel that a ton of weight has been lifted from your conscience, and you will feel lighter immediately.
He immediately rushes to one of the bookcases where, in addition to the many literary classics, there are also some DVDs.
"Wow!" What a movie collection you have! My recognition! �" his face shines, and then, driven by a strange idea, he takes Paul Newman's Handcuffs and Smile from the shelf, as one of his eternal favorites, and asks us to watch a movie together. Even a small cat in need of protection curls up on the couch, while I prefer to use the armchair to provide it with free space. I can feel the sensitive and still somewhat unstable emotional spiral between the two of us, which no classic movie can solve a bit, but it's still good to play with the idea a little. The film is still a generous two hours and thirty minutes long, and during that time it is as if we are constantly talking to each other with our creative and curious silence. We secretly look fearful, hesitant, giving, loving glances at the other, and we feel that something completely new, previously unknown feeling is unfolding, which our original friendship only strengthens even more.
When at the end of the film it is not possible to know whether Paul Newman was shot or they just drove away with him with sirens, it is as if there is an incomplete void in both of us regarding the conclusion. What's next? You could even ask both of us on the spot.
"Wow!" It was fantastic! I haven't seen much before! - he answers, and it's so good to see that the healthy Karakan optimism has returned to his angelic being.
"Yes!" It's a shame that they don't make these in Hollywood these days! I answer.
- Pay attention! If it's not too big of a request... I could stay with you for a day or two... - he frees himself, as if asking for a big favor.
"Of course!" Take it easy! We'd be friends or something!
We both have dinner, and while I usually sleep in my study, Gyöngyi goes to bed on the spacious, comfortable sofa in the living room.

© 2023 Tasi83

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Added on September 16, 2023
Last Updated on September 16, 2023
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