What She Really Wants

What She Really Wants

A Poem by Temperance

Transitioning from one lifestyle to another


she seemed to have it all together

this lady who traveled about

briefcase and laptop in tow

her tools of the trade


meetings with managers and executives

listening closely to catch the truth of their needs

dining where linen tablecloths were the norm

in lieu of catching a bite at the local eatery


savoring wines, whiskies and cordials

and enjoying a round or two at a country club

the theater was always a draw whether

it was a musical or play it didn’t matter

it was entertainment


that was the life she had….


but truth be known she yearned for a different kind of life

a more casual life where she could be a different person

be her true self


be relaxed and lounge around in a t-shirt and leggings

work in a garden, take a walk down a country road

maybe even get a dog, how lovely that would be


no more worry about the wardrobe or which shoes would go best

no more worry about deadlines and phone calls


just sit and listen to the wind move the trees and

hear them whisper sweet things to her and

feel the stressful burden slowly shed as a cocoon does to reveal

the winged mortal that once was something else


this is the life she wants…




© 2022 Temperance

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sometimes it is better just to forget temporarily about the routine of the ordinary life, leave job, and go to India for several years.
to learn some magick:))

Posted 2 Days Ago


2 Days Ago

That definitely is an alternative! Thank you for reviewing Alexander. Temp
Oh my goodness. First I am reminded of the song "A most peculiar man" by Simon and Garfunkel.
But moreso I am reminded of my own upbringing...and the idea impressed upon me that I wanted to have THINGS. I rejected that because for me, friends are the gift...good relationships rather than impressions and appearances...sometimes this subject's lifestyle is so hard to get away from....but she wants to be free, free to live as she pleases and not having to please family or high style friends.

Posted 5 Days Ago


5 Days Ago

That treadmill becomes a lifestyle and before we know it we’re stuck. Thanks for the review!
Temperance, your words paint a clear image of the two contrasting lifestyles in a very poetic manner that resounds, I think, with anyone who has worked in the corporate world. I’m enjoying your writing because it so often speaks of regret that we all carry with us. But this poem, it seems, also leaves us with the hope that she may yet achieve that other existence. Surely it’s within her to do so.

Posted 5 Days Ago


5 Days Ago

Richard, I'm so glad you are enjoying my writing. It means a lot to me and is so very encouraging. T.. read more
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We get trapped, the money to good not to have regardless of what hours worked even if this impacts on friends and family. Takes a brave soul to say " f#&k it, I'm done with this" Perhaps more of us should go down that route.
An enjoyable read that will get folk to thinking :)

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Gee, thank you for taking the time to read my work! I’m glad you liked it.
i can relate ... those damn heels! how anyone could ever th ... HA!
i imagine it is as you say for i have never been an office worker
the few jobs i had were all physical rather than desky (is that a word?)
couple of really good lines that bind it together
"listening closely to catch the truth of their needs"
"maybe even get a dog, how lovely that would be"
"just sit and listen to the wind move the trees and
hear them whisper sweet things to her ... "
not my usual read but worth the look
thank you

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Haha! You're funny, Keith. Thank you for stopping by and reading this. I truly appreciate your comme.. read more
That was the life I led for many years. A chapter out of my own book, brief cases, papers, meetings, travel, long hours. I just got caught up on the treadmill. These days, now I have retired from business I have the time to relax and appreciate the natural environment and enjoy boating and gardening. That is much more me. So relatable is this poem Temperance. Happy days I say. An e joy able composition.


Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Thank you Chris!

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