The Planet Enterprise - 1

The Planet Enterprise - 1

A Poem by Diamond

The Planet Enterprise -1


Revolving merely around the lie called money,

You reduced your perception of humanity,

To a herd of livestock for you to prey on.


You’ve established your corporate bodies,

In every nook and corner of the planet,

And claimed the health, independence,

And prosperity of families across the world.


You’ve grabbed the land that belongs,

To farmers, local business and private people

And sold them, the wicked illusion,

Of development, progress, and sophistication.


You weaponized your imagination and filled,

the air, water, and soil around them with poison.

You kept the local rulers of those lands,

In your back pocket with the lure of riches

That ooze tears and blood of the innocents.


And you think you won’t be held accountable?

Then you’re horribly mistaken.

There’s no petitioning anyone to call war on you.

You’ll be surprised but not pleasantly,

When you’ll find out that the endgame is on you.



© 2021 Diamond

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How well you have written here of greed and corruption and how innocent people can become entangled within its web before they know they are about to be eaten. Yes a story sadly of what is taking place in our world, right under our noses. Power stinks sadly. Written with eloquence and enjoyed Diamond.


Posted 3 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

As it is rightly said "The world suffers not because of the violence of the bad people but the becau.. read more
Chris Shaw

3 Months Ago

My pleasure to read your work.

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A Poem by Diamond