The Tide

The Tide

A Poem by Tim Butcher

People are often passionate about many things. Often times different things for the same reasons, or same things for different reasons. But the tide....

This is a senseless occurrence
It happens all around, all the time
So small, yet such a deterrence
Greater than morals, than the dime
It's the building block of society
The basis of propriety
Be careful to swim against the Tide

In a world bound by communities
Under laws, rulers, and deities
Only a ripple done right
Can change things overnight
The Tide brings it all
Progress and change, stagnation and walls
Love and hatred, it's an invisible pall

Take your strength and swim along
Careful with the Tide, or you're gone
It's a tricky thing, this current
It brings accord, it brings dissent
Nevertheless, it's the same tried song,
Of the Human mind going awry
Of when the rivers run dry

This is an unusual sensation
That echoes progress and deviation
That resonates with stability and devastation
They chant and rant at their stations
Unsettled, unsatiated, dissatisfied
Be wary of the Tide, when the rivers run dry

© 2020 Tim Butcher

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Added on February 1, 2020
Last Updated on February 1, 2020


Tim Butcher
Tim Butcher


I am just a writer like any other, only with the aspiration to make it a living. I hope to see this aspiration come to fruition in the next few years. And I'd be glad for it. That aside, I look for.. more..

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