''Beauty Sleep"

''Beauty Sleep"

A Story by TheBlackUnicorn

The short story of fame...

"Lights, camera, action", were the words shouted by the stage director. Roses thrown at me from every angle in the audience, along with a standing ovation. Applause echoed off the walls of that grand auditorium, I even heard a few fans screaming to the top of their lungs, "I love you Shayna." I remember thinking to myself standing in that spotlight that dreams can really become a reality, a soft tear trickled down my cheek as my emotions all danced together causing me to feel everything all at once. As I made my way backstage a few of my fans bombarded me for autograph signing and selfies. I was so happy nothing or no one could steal my joy. I sat in my dressing room filled with fruit baskets and gifts all sizes. My assistant bought me my usual glass of Pink Moscato that I have after every show to unwind. The directors came in to shake my hand and congratulate me. They then asked my assistant to book a meeting for the following night at 10pm. I was a bit baffled at first because I thought mysel who keeps a meeting so late at night but mehh this is Hollywood and I was a star so maybe this is normal. Right? Right....sounded okay until they requested that I bring a change of clothing and ensure that it was black, not to mention reassuring me that less is better. Seemed a little creepy right?
Anyhow the night was here, I hesitated but obeyed the request. My bag was packed and ready to go. As we approached the estate, I observed that it was quite an isolated property, no neighbors near by, no businesses, absolutely nothing, but it sure was breathtaking to look at. We arrived at the gate and my driver spoke with security, he open the automatic gate an drove up the extremely long driveway. The director along with two beautiful women wearing these fancy feathered masks met with us at the door. They escorted me inside taking my bag, phone and any other items I had on me. I didn't ask questions as this was all new to me. We continued inside until we got to this massive room filled with people wearing similar masks to what the two ladies were wearing along with very long stylish coats. This started to feel a bit questionable I thought to myself. They were standing in a circle as if they were waiting for something to happen. This is where I started to feel scared and reconsider my decision to come here to begin with. I can see this grand chair within the circle looking as if it were fit for a king and the director proceeded to sit. He called me to the circle an demanded that I kneel before him. I refused an the two ladies that were with him when he greeted me quickly grabbed my both arms very firmly. He stood up and said, ''My dear Shayna, you are now ready for the next level in your career and you'll be ten times richer and ten times more famous. People from all around the world will get to know who you are, are you ready?"  They started to undress me before I could utter a word. The onlookers began to chant something in another language. I started to scream yelling "STOP, STOP, I don't want to do this". He laughed at me saying, ''It's too late now beautiful, you already decided when you signed that contract with my label two years ago" I screamed and screamed, but that only made him laugh even louder and the crowd kept on chanting as they continued to undress me. I was naked at this point feeling violated and afraid for what is to come, "what is this ritual?'' I thought to myself. I closed my eyes with tears falling down my face begging them to stop only to open them waking up at home in my bed....for this beauty was asleep and it was all just a dream!
Fame isn’t always as good as it seems.

© 2020 TheBlackUnicorn

Author's Note

Please keep reading till the end for this story has a beautiful twist!
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Added on January 17, 2020
Last Updated on January 17, 2020
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I have such a vast imagination that I had to do something productive with it. I love writing and sparking people’s mental vision. I love short stories with twisted endings. more..