A Poem by NeiL ArandA

Love is not blind, it sees but it doesn't mind




I have been given this divine task
A direct order from His Excellency

To win this mortal soul back to my Master

So I came with such great urgency,

and disguise myself as a mediocre writer.


I was an archangel, a messenger.
Second only in command.

I was fully prepared, in full battle gear

With my helmet, breastplate and shield.
I'm perfect and mighty in every way.
'Till I saw and beheld her face that day.


Her unorthodox writing style captivated my heart.
Jericho would surrender right from the start.
With just a whisper of her magnificent pen.
She's the real McCoy; the true Helen of Troy

To such beauty there's no defence.


I was intrigued by her expansive knowledge of philosophy

Her shear mastery of Greek, Egypt and Roman mythology

Her close affinity to fantasy, this dark side of me

All I know that it wasn’t my cup of tea.

And I was strictly forbidden to see.


Somehow I was still drawn to her own world
And before long this earthly sinister bug bit me.

Plunging me to this uncharted sea
Where my Master never intended me to be.

Now my heart has been ripped open.


I've become just like them !

I felt this overwhelming pain of knowing and not telling

Its inescapable agony, very strange feeling.
Perhaps this is how human love must have felt.
Don't know which is worse, It weighed heavily on my chest.


There in her presence I saw
my own imperfection.
My invincibility in question

She came and completely swept me off my feet.

Without any chance of retreat.


I saw my faith crumbled, and I wavered beneath her feet.

I'm suppose to win her soul back to Him

 and yet she won my heart instead.


And I fell for her, faster than a falling meteor

Ignoring what's right and wrong
Oblivious of any eternal repercussion.

I loved ...

And the consequence was beyond description.
I have been cast out from my heavenly home

Stripped of my rank and position.


 I’m still here, don't know how long

in this deep, dark, cold and lonely Abyss

Where no light could ever penetrate.


Here in this forsaken place, I’m chained

Along with my fellow Nephyllim

Awaiting verdict, my eternal punishment.

For the unpardonable sin - of forbidden love

And insurrection, I miss her ...

by  NeiL ArandA  01/23/2014

© 2017 NeiL ArandA

Author's Note

NeiL ArandA

" I thought I found the road somewhere, somewhere in His grace "

Nephyllims are fallen angels that are still chained to this very day to perpetual darkness awaiting their final judgement for abandoning their post and having relationship with daughters of men.

The music video " One Last Breath " by Creed complimented the piece and message perfectly well. Please pay close attention to the lyrics . Thanks for reading ...

Words and thoughts inspired by Belle

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Ah, forbidden love.

For a person to turn back on his sworn duties and responsibilities and his willingness to accept all the risks speak so well of how the fallen angel must have been passionately and deeply taken with her. Which made me think: if we were to weigh things, what's more important, duty/responsibility to others or personal happiness (love)? And if ever we make our choice to pursue such love, will that make us completely happy when we know all along that someone will be hurt? Which made me ponder even more: how could a person be able perform effectively and properly perform his duties and responsibilities if he is feeling downright miserable? Ah, so many questions without definite answers. In your piece, the fallen angel seems able to taste love’s momentary bliss and embrace gracefully the consequences thereafter. Was the momentary bliss worth the lifetime punishment? The last part in this piece appears to answer in the affirmative. Who are we to judge?

A tragic love story. I enjoyed reading this piece.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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NeiL ArandA

10 Years Ago

Thank you so much Gabrielle for your in depth insight and review. Its always a pleasure to ponder yo.. read more


Ahh, the sons of God taking the daughters of men and marrying. I get the poem. The puritan tradition holds that the sons of God are men, not angels. Gen 6:1-3

and 6:4 4The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.…

We hold that sons of God are believed and so they were special men anyway, see David how he killed a giant not by strength but by faith. So we hold that the giants on the earth, their daughters married believers and they became mighty in physique not only in spirit. That is our interpretation.

Angels cannot procreate they are not physical, they have no flesh or blood, they are not born, they do not die. Thier number is fixed forever and cannot change. In heaven men are not given in marriage or divorced, a man cannot have seven wives he has no wives in heaven. Neither male or female.

In heaven there will be no crippled, no aged, not young, there will be no deformities of any kind, every one will be perfect as God intended, whatever that means it will be perfect in every way.

When an angel falls there is no way back, he'she ((no gender either) remains fallen for eternity, there is no forgiveness for fallen angels. Because they were made perfect, they could not be tempted by the flesh, they could only sin by opposing God. The non-elect angels were not given extra grace to prevent this pride of Satan, the elect angel were provided with grace so they could resist temptation. There is no sin in temptation, but there is sin in failing to resist it.

We fallen creatures are forgiven sins of the flesh by faith, and that a gift of God. We are sons of God, angels are sometimes called sons of God.

Angels appear as men, they do not take a body. So no woman should be afraid of a fallen angel (devil) raping them, it cannot happen, they are not tempted by flesh. They can tempt men by speaking, Jesus was tempted on the mount. Staan can tempt men to sin, as the chaldeans afflicted Job's family, but an angel cannot physically afflict men.

Christians are protected by Christ Jesus when Satan asks to sift them. Jesus told Peter,
"Satan has asked to sift you, but I have prayed for you." So we have a special protection, we will not be allowed to fall to the loss of our souls, no that cannot happen. It is impossible for Jesus to lose one of His sheep.

Satan has to be spoken of in a quiet manner, in the book of Jude the Angel of the Lord rebukes Satan using the Lord's name only, he does not cast railing accusations against Satan. Can we do otherwise, we must follow the angel of the Lord's method.

The tempter can appear as an angel of light, but all that he says will be counterfeit, the Bible is our best weapon, because if anything that is said is contrary to the Bible the it is a lie.

Thank you for the poem, it is an analogy, but it has enabled me reflect on God's word this day. Bless you brother.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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NeiL ArandA

9 Years Ago

Wow ...Frank ...thank you. Again you have blown me away with your words . Something on this piece sp.. read more

9 Years Ago

Thank you Neil, I studied angels many years ago and your poem brought back these memories of the stu.. read more
A beautifully presented piece with a strong narrative voice. It drew me in with every word! Forbidden love, so heartbreaking, so punishable. I love the music choice as well, so fitting. This one's going in my library!

Posted 9 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

9 Years Ago

Glad this piece caught your attention. This is one by far my best composition . My imagination was o.. read more
Absolutely stunning Neil.
Sometimes we are just ruled by a much higher power and we would lose/risk all we have...for a chance.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

NeiL ArandA

9 Years Ago

I think this is one of the best piece I have ever penned and it was inspired by someone here in this.. read more
Matching Socks

9 Years Ago

You are welcome Neil. It's great when others inspire us in such a way. :)
I heard of this story and yes it is not something God approves of.

It is wrong for Any Angel to fall in love with a human being.

I understand the song very well a favorite band of mine
I love creed and collective soul Christian bands I had to listen again
I loved this so much the song goes very well with this piece.

You described this event very well yes it is Forbidden
and going against God when an angel falls in love with a Human being.

Thank you for your kind reviews and comments
you left on my page and I really Enjoy reading
your work it is quite beautiful god has blessed you
with an amazing Gift as well. :)

Blessings. Benita

Posted 9 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

9 Years Ago

They should know better right ? They see God face to face and behold His majesty and holiness everyd.. read more
Benita-Staebell M - KindredPoet

9 Years Ago

very true my friend. you're welcome was a enjoyable read as always. Benita
This makes me think of how we humans, when in love, begin to feel like we are so much more than these mortal bodies, packages of cells and molecules-- we transform, into angels and gods and stars, with the power of this feeling... We believe in fate and God, in meant-to-be or star-crossed-ironies, with this feeling...
Anyway, this was fun, transforming unrequited love, forbidden and devastating, into a tragic mythological story-telling poem!

Posted 9 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

9 Years Ago

Humans including angels are still a free moral agents who has to make choices. And those choices wil.. read more
this is so beautifully expressed and finely penned.

Posted 9 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

9 Years Ago

Thanks John for the read ...
Interesting poem, we were just talking about the Nephilim during Bible Study on Thursday. There is certainly a lot of debate on this part of Genesis 6. If Angels are spiritual beings, then it would seem to exclude physical relationships with human women, yet most believe this is what is implied in the passages. Many think 'Sons of God" to refer to Seth's sons intermarrying with Cain's daughters. But of course we still haven't figured out who Cain married, so this too has problems.

Posted 9 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

9 Years Ago

There were giants back then and the Bible referred to them as being the sons of fallen angels. Perha.. read more
I see hints of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” in these words. The Angel of Light finds himself in a painful dilemma locked between two attractive forces. He choose to reign in Hell rather than to serve in Heaven. He chooses power & freedom over servitude. The reason why breaking up relationships is so painful is because we needed to evolve an automatic frame-of-mind whereby we would become addicted to the company of others of our species. This addiction enables us to be social animals who have a higher probability of species survival. Sometimes we are caught between two addictions , a heaven and a hell. Choose neither, and find tranquility. A moth is attracted to both the sun and a candle flame, but his attraction to light is a species survival trait, a two edged sward.. Mythology is anachronistic Psychology.

Posted 10 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

10 Years Ago

Wow that you so much Aethereal for giving me an in depth analysis of my piece. That was so kind of y.. read more
I loved the poem!
I thought Nephyllims were the offspring of the sons of God with the daughter of men...? hmmm?

Still, a cool picture.

I find it interesting how in the end you miss only her and not God. How does a man of passion abandon his "god given" passions and place God above all others; even his true love and soul mate?
My answer to this question derives from the fact that in loving God first man will have is lover and they will have eternity together. It is believing in the nature of God we can live beyond the moment of now for an eternity with those love and desire.

Well, I do go on...

Great write Neil!

Posted 10 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
This comment has been deleted by the poster.
NeiL ArandA

10 Years Ago

Thanks David again... Yes Nephyllims are fallen beings who left their post. When they had a relation.. read more
So it's not all pleasantness and light like in the movie "City of Angels?" Anyway, this is a brilliant write, with a lot of thought put into its complex form. I admire poets who take up this sort of task. I take the easy way out and scribble whatever comes to me. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

NeiL ArandA

10 Years Ago

Wow KLG ....i take that as compliment though I consider myself as mediocre . The muse deserves my be.. read more

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