What's Wrong?

What's Wrong?

A Story by Broken Child

I asked myself the same question every minute of every day. I sat in front of the mirror, or lay in bed, and I never found the answer. I looked back on my past and onto the future, but I could never find the answer to the question which haunted me. I was always so sad - so alone - but it seemed to be for no reason at all. I hugged myself tight at night, I felt so cold and unhappy. I felt wet, salty tears begin to pour. I closed my eyes and sat up on the covers of my bed. I reached over and stared at my phone - half past midnight. I flopped myself back down again, thinking hard. I rubbed my face a few times before standing up. I breathed in, out. I sat back down. I sat for hours, thinking about my life. I wondered why it was so hard to struggle through each day pretending I was fine. I wondered if my friends were ever suspicious, if that weird look my parents had given me the other day meant anything. I felt the tears coming back, but this time I tried to hold them off. I flicked on my light switch and stared at my reflection. Was I ugly? Was I pretty? Or was I just average? Fat? Skinny? Tall? Short? Stupid!? I just couldn't decide. Maybe that was what had been bothering me - simply not knowing the answers to these troubling questions. I looked away from the mirror, turning the light off. I slowly slipped myself into bed, I still felt cold. So cold. So alone. So... Sad. I jumped out of bed again, but this time I scampered upstairs. I tip toed past bedrooms until I found my little brother's room. I hopped into his bed and hugged him tight. More tears. He woke up with a start, bleary eyed and tired. I sobbed and said, ''I'm sorry." He nodded and whispered, "That's OK, don't cry, the monsters won't eat you." I smiled as he wiped my tears before drifting off to sleep again. I held his hand as we both fell asleep.

© 2012 Broken Child

Author's Note

Broken Child
I can add to this, sorta based on a true experience.

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Added on October 22, 2012
Last Updated on October 22, 2012
Tags: what's wrong, problem, problems, life, school, friends, sad, depressed, teen


Broken Child
Broken Child

New Zealand

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