Insignificant Insights

Insignificant Insights

A Poem by The Things She Noted

Written quickly after a fight with a friend


You and your casual cruelty 

Like an old friend 

That sits beneath the summers sun 

A third seat 

At this expensive restaurant 

You asked if they had a high chair

To give your ego a boost

Wined and dined 

As you do 

Lipstick stained teeth

Your lips a deep purple 

The wine has soaked through your blood

To your head 

Your brain slipping and sliding 

All over the place 

Can’t form a full sentence

But, I was not interested in talking 

You never have anything good to say

No intuition that is insightful 

Only insignificant




So small 

Like the dust particles in the air

At sunset 

There all day 

Only now seen 

By the backing of an orange glow 

Dancing in the humid air 

Asking for attention 

Swatted away 

You with your casual cruelty 

Me with me my melding mind 

A melting pot of moments 

Left on simmer

Burning my tongue 

Never to be in the fridge 

I have a hard time being cool

You have a hard time staying chill 

Just you and I 

And all our indifferences

That have made us so similar


I cannot escape you 

So pull up a seat 

As many as you may need 

Let us say nothing 

Do nothing 

Be nothing 

If only for the hours I’m forced to see you 

© 2021 The Things She Noted

Author's Note

The Things She Noted
written very quickly - short release

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Added on May 19, 2021
Last Updated on May 19, 2021
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The Things She Noted
The Things She Noted

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