Underwater World

Underwater World

A Poem by TheWritingWriter

A woman takes a brief journey through an underwater world escorted by the Reaper.


She dreams of a city under the sea

Its genesis has been awaiting she

Her goal is to find the key

Puzzled�"she decides to ask me

I have the key, and I know the way

She follows me, not knowing what to say

I take her, and guide her through the dark

Through obstacles, and around the underwater park

Her eyes burst with amazement

Seeing the world underwater�"even the pavement

She asks herself, “How can this be?”

I ask her, “What do you see?”

She tells me of the forest and the city

The cars and the pity�"

She feels for the people here

More lonely than they appear

To her, everything is so real

Exploring an underwater city is full of appeal

She knows not that her life has come to an end

Something that she is not able to amend

She begs for mercy and forgiveness

Feeling so helpless and lifeless

It is not my choice�"it is done

Her life no longer exists under the sun 

© 2014 TheWritingWriter

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Great read i loved the twist at the end ,i enjoyd the way this was peiced together.
Very imaginable nice read.

Posted 7 Years Ago

What a reeling twist... Hey, curiosity killed that cat once, haha! I applaud to your imagery and the Reaper in the poem; what a mysterious character indeed! The woman's thoughts of the people of the Underwater World are truly thought-provoking. What really is this underwater world? A Reaper dragging people toward the cold grip of the sea? These questions are much better left unanswered, for it adds this mysterious effect to the write. It's dark and very well executed in this rhyming poem. Wonderful work, mate! Cheers.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on September 26, 2014
Last Updated on September 26, 2014
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