The Dying Truth

The Dying Truth

A Poem by The Creation

Alas, let us break the tides of day,

Mediocre words that speak nothing,

Echo through the earth’s breath,

Love and Hate ring their presence,

But this is not the place for such needless emotions,

A pity that life is but a dream,

A dream the dead whisper to their forsaken souls,

Their ears hear his calls evermore,

And they shall live nevermore,

Their eyes shall see the darkness of light,

Their lips pressed against the kiss of death,

Hands to grasp the cold’s embrace,

And hearts to hide the tears,


Alas, let us welcome the pain of night,

Meaningful spirits take their place,

Broken entities realize their worth,

And the dead shall die no more,

For death is but a dream for those that never lived,

The inevitable for those who thought they did,

Sorrow and remorse,

Their unending calls fill this place,

And forever becomes a rumor the damned will seek,

A curse to impart upon the suffering,


Alas, there is nothing more in dusk and twilight,

Nothing more to erase this hurt,

Nothing more, nothing less,

The truth is an illusion the wise create,

And lies are the life that only fools live,

For long has the truth been dead,

And has death been true.

© 2015 The Creation

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Added on May 13, 2015
Last Updated on May 13, 2015


The Creation
The Creation

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